Saturday, 10 November 2012

Mac Well Dressed vs Peony Petal

A different kind of post today from me. I don't often splurge without reading tons and tons of reviews, like many of you probably will too. Mac is a brand I don't have many products of, simply because of the price. I'm the type of girl that if I can find something cheaper, then I will go for that instead. Mac Well Dressed blush was my first ever Mac product. I was looking forward to getting stuck into using it. Until I got home, swatched and started to apply it and was so disappointed. What I didn't read whilst reading tons of reviews, is that this blush doesn't actually work for everyone. It's such a light, dusty pink that won't always show up on everyone's skin tone, mine being one of those. Now I am pale, very pale I'd say so I was expecting this to show up quite easily so I thought to myself, if this doesn't show up on me, darker skin tones than mine would struggle to use this surely?!

With most of my blushers these days, I use the Real Techniques blusher brush which picks up the product quite easily, providing it's highly pigmented. If it's not then it's quite hard to build up the colour and I sometimes turn to my Elf blush brush in these cases.

A few months ago, I went to the Cosmetic Company Outlet (which is amazing by the way!) in Ellesmere Port, Cheshire Oaks and saw the Mac Peony Petal blush (*no longer available*) at a discounted price and thought I needed it instantly. It's such a lovely colour, but since my first purchase didn't go down too well I was a bit hasty. Thankfully, Peony Petal is such a lovely colour that lasts all day and it's in my top 5 blushers easily!

So I guess the moral of my story is don't always be a sheep. Research & swatch fully before buying something just because it's been reviewed 1000 times and other people like it. I am still wondering what to do with Well Dressed, it's such a shame because I do love it when I swatch it on my hands etc but I just can't get it to work, any suggestions??

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  1. Try using a different brush? I absolutely love Well Dressed - it's my every day blush! I use the Sigma duo-fibre brush.. Maybe give one of them ago? xx

    1. I've tried using a few different brushes but still no luck :( such a shame. I'll have a look into the Sigma one though thanks! x

  2. I always try and find reviews by people of a similar skintone. It's quite hard because I'm Indian and there aren't many bloggers of a similar skintone x

    1. Me too, I do try but it's not always easy to find them! x

  3. Wow both shades are lovely, sucks that you can't get Well Dressed to work, I found for my blush works well with the RT blush brush :) I'm going to Cheshire Oaks in a couple of weeks so hope they have some good things :)



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