Wednesday, 28 November 2012

Detangling Spray

Schwarzkopf Girl Kids Detangling Spray Tropical Fruit Scent - £2.09 Tesco
Your eyes aren't deceiving you, I am talking about a Kids Supersoft Detangling Spray today! For those of you, that like me are prone to knotty hair, I found a product a few months ago that helped that in the form of the product above. I went back to basics and after trying quite a few hair products, I found that most actually made my hair worse and was a nightmare to brush! So when I saw this Schwarzkopf Kids detanging spray for £1 I thought I'd give it a go not thinking too much into it, but it works!

Obviously it's for Kids so it's not going to hurt your hair or anything, it has a nice fruity scent and it's a gentle formula. I use it when my hair is wet/damp and just spray quite lightly all over my hair, concentrating on the ends. Before this though, I use the Denman Shower Brush (review here) which I feel helps get all the shampoo and conditioner distributed evenly and brushes out any tangles whilst washing my hair. If you use too much, it can go a bit sticky and isn't a nice sight either.

It's a product people wouldn't go to at the age of 22, but hey sometimes you've got to look outside the box to see what works. What works for me, may not work for you but if you want to try something to help your knotty hair, have a look for this :)

Do you use any products that are unconventional?

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