Wednesday, 14 November 2012

Budget Christmas Gift Ideas for Girls

1.  Soapdistrict - Almond Oil Soap -£2.19
These are amazing and I can vouch for it myself, they last ages and smell to die for! Way cheaper than Lush and probably a lot more natural too! A great stocking filler maybe?
2. Lush - Snow Fairy - £3.50 (100g)
An annual favourite amongst so many people, I wish it was a permenant feature but maybe it wouldn't be as popular. My lovely Boyfriend bought me a huge 500g bottle last Christmas and I still have over a third left! Smells far too sweet and sickly, but I love it!
3. YSL Rouge Volupte Lipstick - £23.50
I'm sure you've seen I've lusted after this for far too long now and although expensive, if you want to really treat a lady in your life, why not buy her this?
4. Soapdistrict - Bath Bombs - £1.00
These are an absolute bargain and look cute. They have several different ranges available and I'd definitely love this as a gift.
5.Benefit - 6 Piece Skincare Set - £10.00
I love the look of this set. I've bought something similar for a family member for Christmas because I couldn't find this but it's back in stock now at ASOS so I may have to have a little purchase sometime soon.
6. Soapdistrict - Strawberry Fields Scrub - £3.69
Again, another little stocking filler maybe. I love strawberry scents but they have others available too. For £3.69, you can't go wrong!
7. Neom - Luxury Organic Candle Vanilla & Sandlewood - £39.50
This was a bit of a take the micky kind of present to add. It's an extortionate amount of money, but doesn't stop me wanting one! Neom is a brand I need in my life.
8. Philosophy - Christmas Cookie Bubble Bath - £14.00
I've wanted this forever too. I wouldn't happily throw £14 towards some bubble bath, but anything cookie related I need! It reminds me of the Yankee Candle Christmas Cookie too, which I also need.
9. Matalan - Chunky Knit Sleep Socks - £5
These are blooming adorable. I don't sleep in socks but love having something warm on my feet just before I go to bed. Matalan are really upping their game at the moment, I'm loving tons of comfy knits!

So there we have it, my top 9 ideas for now (with a cheeky expensive one or 2 thrown in there)

What do you want for Christmas?

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  2. candles are really great Christmas gift ideas...

  3. awe, this is a sweet little gift list. im in desperate need of a cheap christmas this year so this was really great to browse over.


    marissa florence

    1. Thank you! :) I know the feeling. Thanks for commenting x

  4. Replies
    1. Me too, I think they're an all round great gift for any season :) x

  5. The Benefit Skincare is something I want to try & the wooly socks look very festive


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