Thursday, 1 November 2012

Betrousse "Pretty Beauty" Kit

A few of you may have seen a few of my previous beauty box posts but my favourite of all has got to be Betrousse. It always has full size samples in which last me for ages and is full of French skincare and cosmetics!

First up is the Papier Poudre which is a set of 3 oil blotting booklets, they have been around since 1903! Wowzas. I don't have oily skin in the slightest but in the Summer months I do tend to have an oily t-zone so these don't apply to me but I hate the smell so much of all 3 that I wouldn't use them anyway! There are 65 sheets per book and for the 3 booklet pack, it costs £7.95, not cheap!

Yves Rocher is a brand that I noticed when I went to Germany last month in a store but since I only had hand luggage, I couldn't bring anything back with me so I didn't bother looking too much. On first glance I thought hmm it looks ok, nothing too exciting but when I used it I really liked it! It's a micellar gel cleanser, if you're familiar with Bioderma then it's like that but in a gel sort of format. It gets rid of all eye and face make up and hasn't irritated my skin so it's a thumbs up from me!

The Essyta body lotion isn't something I would use. I have so many body butters waiting to be used and this just doesn't excite me in the slightest unfortunately. I think it's nice to try new brands and products but this will be a gift to my Mum/Boyfriend/Sister!

Cupcake Organic is another unknown brand and I love how cute the packaging is! It's so girlie and something that I would buy whilst browsing the shops. There were 2 options from the box, either Blue Tansy & Lavender or Frankincense & Orange. I'm glad I got the Frankincense and Orange one as I hate lavender scents and orange is quite a refreshing scent to put on first thing in the morning.

I haven't tried this out yet as again, I have so much skincare so I'll keep you updated! This is £16 to buy which is quite expensive in my eyes for a day cream, but I'd definitely pay it if it's really good!

I was excited to see makeup in the box and when I saw this palette I thought it looked nice but the packaging was quite cheap. The colours and pigmentation are pretty good though and great for throwing in my handbag or on the go. The eyeshadow only costs £2 so it's quite a bargain.

A hype that hasn't quite caught on with me yet is cosmetic oils. I own Moroccan oil and loved it when I first started using it but eventually just kept forgetting. I have my own little hair routine and when I travel to my Boyfriends at the weekend, it's an unnecessary thing to throw in there so I end up forgetting about it. Argan oil is one that I haven't tried and was intrigued about when I read the label. It says that it's for skin and hair, intriguing! I hate oils on my skin but like the benefits so it's a lose/lose situation.

It seems a bit more watery than Moroccan oil but I just apply it to the ends of my hair. I want to try using it before showering and shampooing as that's also a recommended use but it sounds weird putting a hair mask on before showering?!

I was intrigued by the Kesari anti-ageing anti-wrinkle cream. The packaging and colours really compliment each other. The pump is quite small which I would interpret that you don't need much product, I've used it once and it felt comfortable on my skin. This will be another present for my Mum, don't worry, not for Christmas! Kesari retails at, a not very cheap price of.. £47 for 30ml - ouch! Let's hope it does what it says..

You can purchase the Pretty Beauty kit from Betrousse here for £19 ,(RRP £122) huge saving!

So that's this months Pretty Beauty Betrousse Kit. Let me know what you think of beauty boxes and if you are a Betrousse subscriber?

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