Thursday, 11 October 2012

Select Specs

Pink Glasses - Icon 3222 - SelectSpecs £10.00
I'm sure most of you know that I am a glasses wearer, during the day at work, they're glued to my face since I'm on a computer 95% of my day and my eyes sting so much without them. I've had my D&G glasses for the last 2 years but when I'm home, I tend to forget about the fact I should wear glasses for computer wear and just do without which is very naughty. 

Thankfully, I was kindly sent some glasses recently which has helped my eyes out massively. I was given a discount code to choose a pair myself to try and I couldn't choose but in the end went for these since I had quite a small head, I didn't want to have them adjusted too much. They had them in the size I wanted, as well as prescription lenses of course and they arrived from their factory overseas in about 2 weeks which is probably about the same length as whenever I get them from the opticians. 

They are slightly wonky on my face which means I cannot wear them in public, as I'd get major funny looks! I've asked to have them repaired at a few local opticians and the prices they asked to adjust them made me think no thanks, I'll keep them as my "indoor glasses"! I'm not sure if it's just these glasses as my family have also ordered some after I recommended them since their site is so cheap and theirs are fine when I tried them on so who knows?

If you're looking for a cheap and cheerful pair, or a discounted designer pair then look no further than Their glasses come with free lenses and coatings, I got the thin and light option, which normally costs a fortune from the Opticians! The glasses I chose are a mere £10.00 including the prescription lenses. Overall I'm really happy with this site, shame about them being un-public friendly until I get them adjusted but I love how cheap their glasses are! 

Are you a glasses wearer? Do you have any beauty tips you could share for a future, upcoming post?

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  1. I'm meant to wear glasses but I snapped mine about a year back and have never replaced them. Like you it's only for computer time. They look lovely though.


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