Monday, 8 October 2012

Rekorderlig Mango-Raspberry

Rekorderlig Mango-Raspberry Cider*
 I know this is a bit of a random post, but I absolutely love this cider. I'm sure I've mentioned it quite a few times but the Mango- Raspberry flavour is quite a new flavour but it's so damn hard to get hold of so Rekorderlig kindly offered to send me a few bottles to tie my addiction over (don't worry, I'm not quite an alcoholic yet). It seriously tastes like fizzy pop. I loveee it! Me and my Boyfriend buy it every single weekend without fail. The best thing is, it's usually on 3 for £5 in most supermarkets so look out for it next time you're doing your grocery shopping!

I'm far from a big drinker, in fact I only have a couple of bottles of these most weekends and that's about it, if it wasn't for Rekoderlig and Malibu I probably wouldn't bother at all! I have nothing negative at all to say about this except I wish I had a bigger supply at all times replenished every time I open a bottle! Wishful thinking..

Hands up who's tried and loves Rekoderlig...?

You can buy Rekorderlig from Tesco, Booths, Waitrose, Morrisons (off the top of my head) as well as local stores, like near me for £1.50 yay! Rekorderlig also have an online flavour shop where you can mix and match or buy accessories here.

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  1. Aw I love this one, I bought it for my sis then stole if from her- this has actually reminded to go and buy her a new one! My fave though is the Brother toffee apple one :)

  2. Woohoo - in SA (where I live) you can take back your empty bottles and get 10c each for them. I think we're one of the only places to have this kinda scheme but more pleaces should. I love saving up the empty bottles and taking them back!

  3. If you're ever in London they have a winterland forest pop up near Brick Lane until the 4th November, rekorderlig on tap nom nom..


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