Sunday, 7 October 2012

Primark Heart Studded Purse

Primark Heart Studded Purse - £3 (or £3.50 I forgot!)
How cute is this purse? I saw it and thought hmm do I need it, what will I use it for, makeup, money? The answer is I haven't actually used it yet, but look it's so pretty! It was a mere £3 (or £3.50?) which isn't bad but Primark have seriously pushed up their prices! H&M is cheaper for most things I actually liked in there! It doesn't look too cheap, but I wish the back of the purse was studded too.

The material is pretty cheap but what do you expect for that price? It's quite small so won't fit an awful lot in but I use smaller purses when I travel to see my friends abroad, which I do quite often since I made the best friends whilst I was living in Spain! Anyway, back onto the purse, it's a pleather material and the studs look sturdy enough that they won't randomly fall out like most Primark items do..

It'll easily fit in a few coins, notes and cards if I'm taking a cheeky trip out anywhere so it'll get used I'm sure!

What do you think of my new purchase? Do you also think Primark is getting pretty expensive?!

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  1. love the bad i have a love for things with studs atm :) x

    1. I know me too! It's everywhere at the moment too which is good :) x

  2. I am loving the primark AW collection this year! New follower x

    1. I am but their prices going up upset me a bit. Better than their Summer collection though for sure and thank you! x


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