Tuesday, 23 October 2012

Pretty HoF Dresses!

House of Fraser is a store that I base upon luxury and unfortunately for me, I don't have one for over 20 miles so it's a treat when I do get to browse their stores. Luckily though, they do deliver so I've been eyeing up some of their ideal Christmas dresses, sorry I know it's way too early to talk about it but you have to get organised!

Christmas parties are based upon glitter and sequins so I combined this in 2 out of 4 of my favourite picks, snazzy huh? I didn't know that House of Fraser did brands such as Glamorous, Motel or even Jane Norman so I'm really impressed with my findings, come closer to me House of Fraser!

1. TFNC Mesh Cut Out Sequin Dress - This is your classic party dress. It's a bit daring due to the cut out sides so I probably couldn't get away with it, but if you've got the figure, flaunt it! I love this dress and can't believe it's only £17.50! Bargain.

2. John Zack Short Sleeve Puff Ball Dress - This is more like something I'd wear for a Christmas party, I love the puff ball sleeves, great for hiding parts of my arms I hate the most! It has a cut out at the back which makes bras awkward but I could cope for one night. This is another bargain at £14.40 and it's on my favourites until payday.

3. TFNC Sequin Prom Dress - I love this too. It's so cute and girlie and my style. I love the mix of sequins and black and the flare at the bottom. This is a bit more pricey at £48.00 but a decent price for a dress that will be worn time and time again.

4. Jane Norman Strip Peplum Dress -  I love peplums! It hides my waist which I am forever trying to decrease at the moment and flares out at just the right bits. I love this pick from Jane Norman and is another bargain - £15.00! I'd wear this on any sort of night out as it's versatile and can be paired with the simplest of jewellery.

What do you think of my picks, are you a sequin and glitter girl like me? All the links to the dresses are on the dress names :) happy browsing!

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