Saturday, 13 October 2012

Next Home

Next Paris Reed Diffuser - 250ml - £18
What's this, home posts..? Well, I love candles and fresh scents in my bedroom so when I saw this reed diffuser in Next, alongside their new candles which all have a city name, I thought hmm I need these in my life. I have dabbled with reed diffuser's in the past but can only remember purchasing from Primark, which just don't last. I got this as a lovely gift from my Mum for my birthday and was so happy since she obviously listened to me saying I liked it, so sweet!

It comes that full (empty) whichever way you look at it, which disappointed me a bit as I don't really see why? I've had it 2 weeks now and it hasn't gone down much from the photos above. It smells lovely and I can smell it as soon as I walk in the room. On the packaging, it says every now and then to change the sticks upside down to get maximum scent out of it which I haven't yet done, but probably should since I can tell it's fading already. I'm hoping this will last a good while and it now has sentimental value too rather than me just buying it for the sake like I do with most items. I could always use it to store brushes once it's finished, who knows.

If you love reed diffusers, why not give this one a smell next time you're passing through Next? If you love this scent, there is also a candle, Eau de Parfum and Body Creme! Fancy. Now I just need to actually visit Paris, who fancies taking me?

You can purchase from their website here for the various scents and sizes starting at £12 for 100ml.

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  1. I have never tried a reed diffuser but they look very pretty!


    1. They last quite a long time, especially bigger ones but they're quite pretty too! :) x

  2. I smelt this in Next a little while ago and this was my favourite out of all their scents. I have one from M&S at the moment in Green Fig which is lovely too! xx


    1. Ooh I'll have to look at that! Next are great for their home products especially at this time of year with Christmas candles etc. It's making me get in the Christmas spirit, way too early! x


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