Tuesday, 2 October 2012

My trip to Bremen

Mmm amazing little cafe near our hotel
Cake that Ollie devoured quickly ;)

The smallest streets! Literally one person wide, not good for claustrophobic people!



The largest glass of coke ever?!

Most amazing cocktail! 
Crazy glass?!
   I just wanted to share some photos with you of my recent trip to Bremen, Germany which was a lovely belated birthday trip with my Boyfriend just for a few days to get away and see something different which I love! We don't get to see each other too often as he is away in the Royal Air Force a lot so we had an amazing time and although the weather wasn't brilliant, I wish we was there for longer! It was a good excuse to test out my new camera too ;)

Bremen is a lovely place situated in North West Germany and has quite a bit of history behind it that I wanted to look into. The city is based around Art and Music and is also the origin place of Becks Beer (not that I drink beer) and the Brothers Grimm fairytale story authors. The River Weser runs through it which is shown in the photos above which is a lovely walk and on a Saturday it has a sort of jumble sale/market along it. I love visiting new, random places and would love to go back one day but for now, it's time for somewhere new.

Sorry for the picture heavy post but I hope you liked seeing some of my photos. Let me know if you'd like to see more personal posts. Now, where's next for our adventures...?

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  1. Place looks lovely and it seems that you had fun :) x


    1. I did a lot thank you! I wish it was longer though x

  2. I would love to see more pictures and posts like this. Also love the jumper you're wearing.


    1. Thanks Rebecca :) It's from H&M - not sure if you can get that easily in Oz? x


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