Wednesday, 3 October 2012

Maybelline Color Tattoo

maybelline color tattoo

maybelline color tattoo

maybelline color tattoo

*I just wanted to say, since getting my new camera I'm learning to work with it so bear with me while me and my new love get acquainted. In the meantime, pictures may be off but lighting is getting few and far between lately!*

I delayed buying the Maybelline Color Tattoo for ages thinking I didn't need it, well I don't but seeing it for £3.99 on offer in either Boots or Superdrug (sorry terrible memory) I thought I'd go for it anyway in the shade on and on bronze. The other colours didn't really appeal to me and this eyeshadow is great for wearing as a daily simple eye look for work teamed with a thin layer of eyeliner on my top lashes.

Anything that claims to stay on for 24 hours always makes me sceptical and for me it failed miserably. I don't have oily eyelids but the one thing I do have is very watery eyes which makes anything underneath my eyes not stay on for long. It lasts around the 6-7 hour mark on me, so I can't comment on others however I've seen reviews from other bloggers of around 8-10 hours on average. I really love this shade and although I still won't bother with the others, I'll re-purchase this once it's finished.

I recently took this to Germany with me for a few days too, only that! I did contemplate buying some more at the airport but was so good and waited instead as there wasn't much to buy (more on that at a later date!) They're great value for the price and I've seen them on offer quite a bit recently so look out if you're looking for a bargain like me!

Have you tried the Maybelline Color Tattoo? Which is your favourite shades and how do you apply them? I find using my fingers works best as they're so creamy.

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  1. Gorgeous colour! Might have to try it x

  2. This has been on my wishlist for ages, looks handy to have just to whack on in the mornings!

  3. I love the Maybelline Color Tattoos. My favourite is Pomegranate Punk! xo


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