Wednesday, 10 October 2012

Mad Pluckers

Mad Pluckers Tweezers - RRP £4.99 (£2.99 - TK Maxx)
I found these cuties in TK Maxx, that morning I thought wow I need new tweezers, I've had mine too least 6 years. I'm sure people will wince at the thought, but they do the job, well they were kind of stopping actually pulling out the hairs but I thought I'll cope. I was waltzing round the beauty section in TK Maxx looking for anything that jumped out at me then I spotted the union jack pastel print, so cute. They were a bargain at £2.99 and it's safe to say, I can definitely tell the difference between these and my un-branded cheap, pink pair.

Print aside, they don't open as wide as my old pair, but it doesn't stop them from tweezers my eyebrows well enough. I don't actually tweeze as often as I should, but I get my eyebrows either waxed or threaded approx every 6 weeks, depending on my hair growth, they always tell me to try and leave them but sometimes they're just out of control.

I'd never heard of this brand previously, but upon research their website seems to be quite good, I can't see where they deliver to unfortunately, but they do retail at £4.99 on their site here.

Have you spotted these beauty's in TK Maxx? What are your favourite pair of tweezers?

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  1. I love TK Maxx for beauty bargains. These are cute. Great pattern on them & such a bargain too. I probably should get some new ones too. Ive had my current tweezers for a wee while now.


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