Friday, 26 October 2012

Hanging Washbag

Debenhams hanging washbag (no longer available) - Similar links below for £14-16
I wasn't going to blog about this (even though I took photos when I got it) but it's just so cute and coming up to the C word again, Christmas, I thought this, or something similar would be a really nice present. I got this as a present technically from my sister, she gave me a Debenhams giftcard for my birthday but I wasn't so sure what to get and since I've wanted one of these hanging washbags for ages, I decided this one looked the cutest.

It isn't actually in stock anymore but they still do similar ones and I've also seen that Cath Kidston has some too. They're great for all my skincare and I travel every weekend to my Boyfriends so this is easy for minimal space just for throwing anything in there. I've not really used the top zipped pocket to be honest as it's quite small, but it's a great size for something like your tweezers.

The sizing is great and I can fit so much stuff in there. Plus the print is pretty cute huh? I've been looking at some others they have online and have seen this super, duper cute detachable middle bag with hanging strap again. There are some more listed from this link, my favourites being this one and this one.

I'd love this as a present, so maybe someone else with little space or a traveller would love this too! What do you think of the idea, would you use it?

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  1. These bags are so handy for travelling, just pop it on the hotel bathroom door and you're done!

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