Thursday, 18 October 2012

Benefit Benetint

benefit benetint review

benefit benetint review

benefit benetint review

In this month's InStyle issue, they were giving away free 4ml samples of Benefit Cha Cha Tint, Sunbeam & Benetint. In Tesco they were on special offer for £2.50 (normal retail price was £3.80), who doesn't love a bargain? The full-size tints cost £24.50/12.5ml on Benefit's website, so the 4ml Benetint and Cha Cha tint are worth £7.84 each, though InStyle has valued them at £10 each. A full-size bottle of Sunbeam (13ml) costs £18.50, so the freebie's worth £5.69, though again InStyle's valued it at £8.

I really wanted the Sunbeam or even Cha Cha tint but they were nowhere to be seen, even in the £3.80 magazines in various stores. I'm glad I got a sample as I'm not sure I'd pay the full size price. In the meantime since using the Benefit Benetint, I had a quick look online and some people have said 2True lip and cheek tint is a dupe so I've ordered that. Superdrug had a free delivery offer so I got a few cheeky items, I'll report back on my findings once I've had a go with them.

Benetint is a really liquid constistency which is easy to blend but can stain if you don't blend quickly enough. It's very subtle, I was worried I'd look a bit like a clown but I actually needed a bit more for a healthy glow.

I applied by dotting 3 dots onto my cheeks and blending as much as possible and to further blend, sometimes used a stippling brush to get a further natural effect. I really like this product but not sure it’s worth £24.50?! I am going to look for the Sunbeam too as I really want to try that still, but if anybody recommends either purchasing the full product or even if there is any dupes worth trying then let me know!

Have you picked up the latest InStyle magazine from Tesco? Did you manage to find all 3 samples on offer?   

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  1. I managed to get the Cha Cha tint which was the one I really wanted. Can't wait to try it.


  2. Ive got a mini sunbeam and I really like it. Try the sexy little stowaways set, it's £25 and has so much in it. I'm doing a post on it tomorrow.

  3. I love Benetint, it lasts so long... I got the sample size in Glamour last year, wore it frequently and there is still a drop left in the bottle. So I've been keeping my eye out for Instyle this month(haven't managed to get a hold of it yet)! Claire x


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