Saturday, 20 October 2012

Barry M 333

barry m 333 black multi glitter

barry m 333 black multi glitter
Barry M - 333 Black Multi Glitter  - £2.99
Who's feeling Christmassy? It's getting into the horrible, cold, dark mornings followed swiftly by returning home in the dark :( which only can be brightened up by Christmas and although I hate the thought of stressful Christmas shopping, I spotted this in Boots and the first thing I thought is ooh what a cute Christmassy shade. Bad Paula. Anyway, I had some points to use so it was kind of free anyway?!

It's a lovely shade but a tad too gothic than I'm used to. The glitter makes it girly but as you can see, it's an absolute pain to apply. I'm not the worst at applying nail polish, but oh my god this made me look like I couldn't keep inside the lines again at school! I was a bit lazy and couldn't be bothered tidying them up before photographing sorry - you get the idea!

Barry M are my most owned brand of nail polish and it's simple why. They're cheap, have a ton of shades and last a decent amount of time before chippping. The only thing with glitter nail polish is the removing part. It's such a pain and it puts me off applying it sometimes. Since I used 2 coats in total for the look I wanted, it made it quite a bit harder to get off. Thankfully the Bourjois 1 second nail polish remover (old school review here) always helps though!

You can buy Barry M from tons of places such as Boots, Tesco, Amazon, usually around the £2.99 mark.

Have you tried this shade? What are your tips for glitter nail polish removal?

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  1. Sexy shmexy! Looks very galaxy-like! xx

  2. I used to have this but on me it was very different and I just didn't like it! Looks great on you though! xo


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