Sunday, 16 September 2012

What's in my makeup bag?

I've wanted to do this post for so long, but just never got round to it.I've been so up and down with products, and trying lots of them regularly, I sometimes forget the things I love but now I'm in a good routine and can get my makeup down to about 20 minutes application (is that bad?!)

1.MUA Gel Eyeliner in Underground (black)- I've been using this more or less every day, very lightly as I can't wear too much makeup for work, so I keep it natural. It lasts all day and the colour is dark enough for me! It's a steal at £3 and they regularly have offers on their Facebook and Twitter page.

2. Benefit Speed Brow* - I was given this in my goody bag at a Benefit event and was converted ever since. I love this, it's lasted me just over 6 months and has just about come to the end of its' life. The product itself lasts me all day without any touchups. It's pretty expensive and I'm in the process of finding a (cheaper) dupe that lasts all day so recommendations please?!

3. MUA Clear Mascara - I was recommended this by someone (I forgot who sorry!) for using on my brows . It's not wowed me, it's ok for a few hours but I prefer the Benefit Speed Brow by far. This just hasn't been taken out of my makeup bag recently, so I guess this is a tiny review. 

4. Elf Eyelid Primer - I love this primer. The colour is a tad scary when applied and it does sometimes affect the colour that I apply on my lid (makes it a bit sparkly) but other than that, it keeps my eyeshadows on all day without creasing. Great product, for less than a few pounds!

5. Maybelline Falsies Volume Express - Again, love this. It's the only mascara I use during the week when I need something trusty that won't smudge or come off by lunch time. There is no clumps with this and it makes me lashes look a lot better than they really are! I re-purchase this over and over again.

6. Cargo Lash Activator - Firstly, I will review this separately within the next few days. This is a new addition to my makeup bag but I was so wowed by this. It came as part of a set from Boots for £6 so I didn't have high expectations but now I've looked into buying the full size as this is only a sample. 

7. The Vintage Cosmetic Company Eyelash Curlers* - I got these in my She Said Beauty July box and love them. They replaced my Primark curlers immediately. Recently, I've gone off them and find they don't hold the curl as long which is a shame. I've heard better things about the Shu Uemura curlers so will definitely try these soon!

8. Elf Tone Correcting Concealer - Up until I recently tried the Collection 2000 Lasting Perfection concealer, this was my favourite concealer of all time. In fact, I still love it, especially for the price. It has an orange scent to it which some people would hate, but it makes me smile when I apply it?! I know, I sound crazy. It lasts most of the day, but not as long as my new favourite Lasting Perfection. Have ran out of this now, but still going to buy it once in stock at Elf.

9. Soap & Glory Kick Ass Concealer - This is a semi-recent new addition to my collection and although I like it, I'm not sure I love it now I've tried bigger and better things. I find that it can go quite patchy by the afternoon and look a bit horrible but I use the powder and mini applicator daily no matter what concealer I use!

10. MUA Heaven and Earth Palette - After lusting for the Undressed palette for quite some time, my lovely Boyfriend bought me this as a little gift and I have to say, I love this more than the Undressed palette. It has more wearable shades and I prefer the darker browns too. Great buy at £4 and this will last me ages!

1. Fashionista Custom Palette - I have reviewed this here so won't say too much but I use this quite often. The blushes don't last as long on me as my Mac Peony Petal so I tend to use that during the week as I need things to last a long time as I don't have time for touch-ups throughout the day.

2. L'Oreal Lumi Magique Foundation (reviewed here)- I have tried a lot of foundations, high end, low end. What works for some, may not work for others and I wish I knew this before spending money on high end products, just because tons of other bloggers raved about it, does anyone else do that without testing things?! Anyway, I spotted this whilst L'Oreal had a 3 for 2 offer on at one point so I got this and the Lumi Magique Primer at the same time. I have dry skin and it needs a bit of sparkle when I don't wear fake tan and this has everything in it I could want. It lasts all day, doesn't cling to my dry patches and feels nice on my skin.

3. L'Oreal Lumi Magique Primer (reviewed here) - I really like this and it's in my top 3 primers. I've been trying a few different ones out at the moment so I've not used it for a while but it's one I go back to. It works well with the Lumi Magique Foundation and it gives me a nice healthy looking glow.

4.Technic High Lights (reviewed here) - This is a must have in my make-up bag. This has lasted me absolutely ages. It's a dupe of the Benefit High Beam, product and packaging alike. It does the job and for a huge fraction of the price, it's well worth trying.

5. MAC Peony Petal Blusher - I love this blusher. It's my go to blush and I wear it more or less every day. It's quite easy to go o.t.t and look like a clown so I have to be careful, especially when I apply in the mornings half asleep! I got this from a Cosmetic Company Outlet so it was quite a bargain.

6.MUA Bronzed Perfection (reviewed here) - This is in my top 3 bronzers at the moment along with a MUA bronzer from the £1 range and the Bourjois Delice de Poudre.

7. Bourjois Delice de Poudre Bronzer - I've had this for absolutely ages and kind of fell out of love with it for quite a while until recently. It's great for contouring very lightly without looking like a muddy doll so is my go-to bronzer for winter periods (boo back to being uber pale!)

So there we have it. My most favourited make-up products. What do you think of my favourites? Is there any you like too?

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  1. Great Post:) I love the Heaven & Earth Palette, I agree there are probably more wearable shades in this than the Undressed palette. I really love both though xxx

    1. Me too! Everybody seems to love the Heaven and Earth palette! x

  2. i love the heaven and earth palette! really want to try the technic highlights :D xo

    1. It's great, you should try it if you have a Bodycare near you :) x

  3. Great post, i love my MUA heaven & earth palette! found your blog on #bbloggers tonight :D


    1. Ah great :) it's so versatile I love it! Makes me tiny eyes pop more than normal haha x

  4. Great post :) I have a few similar products! Similarly (as above) interested in the MUA palette!

    Sam x

    1. Thank you :) These are my main things I take around with me but my storage is ridiculous haha x

  5. hey :)) you have lovely things hihi and part of them are in my favs/makeup bag as well (high lights, Mua palette) I'd like to try the L'Oreal lumi primer, this is the first time I find someone recommend it in a blog (on youtube is more raved about, as far as I have seen).


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