Wednesday, 19 September 2012

The Body Shop Facial Loofah Pads

the body shop facial loofah

Do facial loofahs scare you? I know the thought of scrubbing my face that hard did make me step back a bit when I saw these, but I was intrigued to see if they help exfoliate the skin further than just a facial exfoliator. I am a sufferer of tiny white spots on and around my eyes, I put it down to lack of sleep the majoritive of the time but nothing seems to get rid of them completely.

Doctors told me to exfoliate further where the spots are but I am too cautious about scrubbing too when it comes to my eye lid. I have one stubborn one that has been there about 6 months-1 year, the others go with mild exfoliation but I wanted to try this to see if it helps decrease the size of it. It's only small, but as all girls know, when you have a spot, it's the size of the universe to you!

The instructions were to wet the loofah pad and watch it increase in size. This is the before picture.

the body shop facial loofah
Look how flat and tiny they are before wetting them.
the body shop facial loofah
..And after...
 As you can see, it increased quite a bit in size, but was still pretty rough. I've used it a few times since but it was still too harsh on my skin. On my t-zone, my skin went really red, not sore just a bit irritated and I just couldn't use it around my eyes, I know it's not meant for that but I just thought I'd try it anyway.

On the whole I do think it's a good idea but I'll stick to normal facial exfoliators.

Have you tried a facial loofah before? Any sufferers of white spots around the eyes with any tips on removal I would also appreciate your help and tips!

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  1. I've never tried a loofah before - this one looks really good - although it will probably irritate my skin as well. I use muslin cloths to exfoliate my face. If my face needs more of a harsher exfoliation I just apply more pressure.

    Lovely post, new follower :) Abby xx

    1. I never thought of using muslin cloths for exfoliation, I just assumed it'd be too light even for me to get rid of my dead skin cells! Good idea though, thanks :) love your blog x

  2. I get those little white spots too & have always wondered how to get rid of them. I am always worried about exfoliating too much as i have really sensitive skin. I will be interested to see if any of your readers have any tips.

  3. I've heard that Clinque's Dart Sport remover is good for those white spots. It's a liquid exfoliant (not harsh at all!) and it works by stimulating your skin cells to shed. Or something along those lines.

  4. I dont suffer from white spots around my eyes but I have tired a face loofah. My was actually the one that introduced me to them. I just use it once to twice a week since it is pretty rough. My face also got red but it was just for a while.


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