Thursday, 20 September 2012

That Vanilla Moment

treacle moon that vanilla moment review
Treacle Moon - That Vanilla Moment - RRP £2.99 (Currently £1.99 in Tesco)
Hands up who loves vanilla scents? I do and I own so many bath products, more often than not I turn to Treacle Moon and N-Spa. I love their scents and this one doesn't fail. In between fake tanning I go very patchy and it isn't pretty. I have to use scrubs at least every other day so I go through it like nobody's business. I bought this on a whim a few weeks ago purely for the scent.

I have the bath/shower gel of this too and although I think it looks a little different colour wise, it still smells the same.I use the shower gel as a bubble bath which gives me tons of bubbles, even in my slow-water-running bath! Before people get really confused, going off on a tangent here, my boiler pressure is completely hopeless and we need a new one, but it means that my shower is basically a trickle and the taps take ages to fill the bath. Bubbles are non existant most of the time in my household unless I make my own bubbles manually. :( Anyone want to buy me a new boiler?

Anyway back to the product, the bits are big enough that it exfoliates the dead skin properly (lovely!) whilst still keeping me smelling vanilla-y afterwards! The bottle is pretty big at 225ml and that will usually last me around 3-4 months at least! If you're looking for a good scrub that smells good enough to eat then what more can you ask for?

Treacle Moon products are available at Tesco, usually on offer and starting at £1.99.

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  1. I have this, it's really nice and does last ages xx

    1. I know, mmm so great in the bath in the cold evenings (which it is now brrr) x

  2. vanilla is the BEST. i love anything scented like that.

    from helen at // @thelovecatsinc

    1. Me too! Definitely agree. Vanilla is my favourite scent by far x


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