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She Said Beauty September

She Said Beauty September box*

I am so impressed with the She Said Beauty boxes and they keep getting better and better. I know some people are really against beauty box reviews but I find it the best way to see what you could get for your money.  So I'll jump straight into it.

This month's content includes:

So overall I thought this looks a nice little box and I love the Popchips, what a nice little added extra, tasty too! 

pop chips

The Popchips, although a little extra, I thought was a nice way of trying a new little treat. I liked the fact that they're considerably healthy at less than 100 calories per bag! It's something I look for when trying to act healthy anyway. The only downside, I'd never seen them before so upon research, they don't stock any near me, it has a part on their site that says you could buy online, at £22.68 per bag! Rip off!

Is it just me that hates getting something, liking it then finding out you can't actually find it any more in future?! Rant over, onto the next products.

Amie Spring Clean Cooling Clay Mask RRP £1.50 15ml sachet or £4.95 for 75ml
What She Said Beauty say about the Amie Spring Clean Cooling Mask:

"A wonderfully refreshing deep-cleansing mask that draws out deep-seated dirt and impurities while soaking up excess oil and helping prevent blemishes. Cools and refreshes, leaving skim feeling really clear, clean and smooth."

I love face masks of all kinds and this looks refreshing, I am one to judge a product by its' packaging so to speak, and I can't wait to try this out.

The full size of the sachet (15ml) costs £1.50 and is available from CutECOsmetics.
There is also a 75ml tube available from Boots for £4.95.

I'll keep you updated on how I get on with this but it seems like it will be good for completely deep cleansing my skin.

L-R Collection Fix Me Up Long Lasting Make-Up Fixer, Collection Primed and Ready Smoothing Make Up Primer RRP £5 each
Collection (2000) is a brand that is quite a low cost cosmetics brand in the UK and I spotted these 2 products when they first came out a couple of months ago but thought they were mega expensive for the size of the packaging so I put them both back.

The Collection Fix Me Up, Long Lasting Make Up Fixer (long name!) is as described, a make-up fixer that secures your make-up when it's freshly applied and supposed to be a refresher when used throughout the day. I must say I'm quite wary about cheaper make-up fixers so I sprayed this expecting a foul smell, it wasn't overly pleasant, but I can cope with it. I've only used it so far on top of my make-up throughout the day and it didn't ruin my make-up, so I'll see how this goes and if I like it, you may see a review coming shortly.

Collection Smoothing Make Up Primer is a silicone based primer which I actually prefer as it usually glides on my skin easier and goes further because of the fact it's easier to spread. As you apply it, the silicone based gel changes to a formula which I can only describe as a bit like the Benefit Porefessional. I wouldn't say it's the same as it doesn't smooth over pores quite as well. I still think the tube is way too small, but I'll see how I get on but I imagine this would only last a month or so before re-purchasing. There is no over-powering scent, but I don't see any difference once I'd applied it onto my skin. I will see how I get on for a few days at work, to see if my make-up lasts further.

You can purchase the Collection Fix Me Up Make Up Fixer for £3.99 at the moment from Boots or the Make Up Primer, also for £3.99 here. (Normal RRP £5.99 each)

L-R Ginvera Green Tea Whitening Marvel Gel RRP £22, DHC Deep Cleansing Oil RRP £18.50 200ml
I was really happy to see both of these products in my She Said Beauty September box! I've received the Ginvera BB Cream in a previous beauty box and really liked it but also read tons of reviews on the Marvel Gel and wanted to try it. It sounds pretty good at helping to remove the deep layers of dead skin. There is also a 20% discount code for She Said Beauty customers, so if I like it, I will re-purchase from their site.

Ginvera Marvel Gel is £22.00 for 60ml from

I have seen reviews of the DHC Deep Cleansing Oil in a previous Glossybox and I'm slowly coming round to the fact that putting oil on your skin isn't necessarily a bad thing. I've been using oils for removing stretch marks, which doesn't seem to be doing much by the way, maybe I'm not religious at applying enough?! Anyway, here's what She Said Beauty has to say:

"This amazing cleanser from Japan thoroughly dissolves dirt, excess oil and colour cosmetics - even waterproof mascara - and other pore-cloggers ordinary cleansers leave behind, then rinses completely off with water, leaving your skin fresh, never greasy."

This has sold it to me instantly and I can't wait to fully try it out. Again, She Said Beauty customers were given a £5 discount code (although a minimum purchase of £25). I hate those cons as the full size is 200ml for £18.50, so why would I buy more things, just to get a further discount, anyone?

You can buy this from dhcuk for:
30ml - £3.50
70ml - £9.50
200ml - £18.50

Overall, I'm impressed with the box and can't wait for their upcoming boxes. As mentioned, reviews of the products I feel worthy of mentioning will come once I've fully tested them out.

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  1. Just found your blog! Its v pretty! I have the collection 2000 Fix Me Up and the benefit ultra radiance setting spray but don't think either really work on me :(

    Rachel from x


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