Sunday, 23 September 2012

My Favourite Elf Brushes

L-R - Stippling Brush, Complexion Brush, Blusher Brush.

I've been a bit of a make-up brush snob as of late so I wanted to post my favourite Elf brushes which were all £3.75 each! Bargain. I've only fell back in love with them recently. When I was a make-up brush virgin shock horror, the first people I went to for brushes when on a budget was Elf (or Eyes Lips Face if you're not familiar with the brand)

They lasted me for a good year when I first bought them but then I found bigger and better, Real Techniques being the main brushes I love. Every time Elf do a discount code, I have to force myself not to buy tons on their site. Their last discounts were for the studio range on the brushes so I bought a few, the blush brush and complexion brush being a couple of them. I have to say, I actually prefer these brushes over my Real Techniques blush brush for blush and bronzer. I use the complexion brush mainly for bronzer, although sometimes when I forget my brushes whilst on the go I use it for powder too so it's all good!

I was using the stippling brush (which is now one year old!) for liquid foundation for a few months before realising it just made my face streaky and it soaked most of the product, I prefer a denser, flat top brush to blend in the product completely. Instead, it works much, much better with cream blusher and gives me a natural glow. I'm really impressed with their brushes and although my stippling brush is falling to pieces now, see the bristles are falling out a little and the shape isn't quite the same. For £3.75 I will definitely be re-purchasing not one but two next time I make a cheeky order.

Have you tried Elf's brushes? What's your favourite?

You can buy the: 
Complexion Brush - £3.75 here
Blush Brush - £3.75 here
Stippling Brush - £3.75 here.
All from

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  1. I'm only just a new Elf convert! Got a couple of brushes and ordered a couple more on that studio line discount.

    1. I've seen more discounts today too so I might order some more things too ;) x

  2. Would love to see a comparison between the ELF blush brush and real techniques contour brush as they look pretty similar?

    Ria x

    1. They're not similar really to be honest and the bristles feel a lot different too. Although the blush brush could be good for contour, I feel the Real Techniques contour brush is better for bronzing :) x


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