Monday, 17 September 2012

Cargo Lash Activator

cargo lash activator

cargo lash activator
Don't be fooled by how rubbish the brush looks - it does a lot for my tiny lashes!

cargo lash activator 6 in the bag

In my last post I mentioned about the Cargo Lash Activator that I've fallen in love with as of late but I wanted to share with you a bit more in depth of why. I have the worlds shortest lashes, I used to pull them out in my sleep (sounds painful but I never remember it the next day). I got out of that habit a few years ago now and they've grown back, but they're still rubbish, short and light. Without mascara I look like I've no lashes at all so any lengthing products are a winner in my eyes.

I got this in a Cargo 6 in the bag set for an amazing £6 from Boots. I'm familiar with the brand after trying a Cargo lipgloss way back from a Glossybox and loved it but have never seen the brand since so as I was walking towards the till in Boots, the crafty people knew I was approaching obviously and put them there purposely. I fell into this trap and thought duh, course I need more makeup. The set itself is actually really good and I've found 3/6 products I do really like.

The mascara part is really good, I can't say I've noticed much improvement in the length of my lashes, if at all, but when wearing this I feel a lot more confident, isn't it funny that such a little product can change the way we feel inside?!

You can buy Cargo Lash Activator for £20 from Boots which is quite a lot, but well worth it!

Do you use any lash lengthening products?

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