Saturday, 4 August 2012

Tresemme Instant Refresh Waterless Foam Shampoo

Ever heard of Waterless Foam Shampoo? No? Well neither have I. I picked this up thinking it was a massive bargain. It was part of a set with a huge Tresemme shampoo. The product is actually aimed at curly/dry hair but mine is just dry and usually straight/wavy. I went off their shampoo ages ago but the set was £2.99 and I was pretty sure that their dry shampoo is around that price so I thought brilliant, free shampoo for what I'd normally pay and off to the till I went.

I actually think this is better for your hair and the overall look using Waterless Foam. It rehydrates your hair without any water. Pretty magic I'd say. I started off using the foam towards the ends of my hair. Once I'd realised it doesn't go sticky or do anything to make my hair more greasy, I used it at the top fluffing my hair up at the roots.

First things first, I realised that on my type of hair (this make work for you remember!) using it on the roots made it not work the same as dry shampoo. It left a residue which wasn't good just before I was planning on going out. Using it on the ends is the best option which doesn't solve the roots issue.


  • The smell is pretty nice.
  • I'm a sucker for nice packaging.


  • Your hair gets pretty sticky after applying the product to your hair.
  • Your roots aren't well cared for and look more greasy than before!
  • Pretty pricey, RRP around £4.99!

Overall, I wouldn't recommend this as a whole as you want a product to do all of your hair, not some of it. I will be sticking to my usual dry shampoo's which is disappointing as I was expecting to find my new favourite product.

You can buy Tresemme Waterless Foam at the following places:
Boots - £4.79, Superdrug - £4.99, Lloyds Pharmacy - £4.38.

Have you tried the Tresemme Waterless Foam Shampoo?

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  1. Oh my, that's sounds such a quirky little thing but can imagine if it makes the hair look even worse it aint a very good product O.o x

    1. It's definitely different, but I doubt I'll finish using it up! x

  2. Ahh they should have just stuck with their dry shampoo! Good review, I was hesitant at buying this

    1. I know, I've still not tried the dry shampoo so will be next on my list! x

  3. Wow this product sounds so weird with it being a foam, but don't think I'd try it and I'd just stick with my dry shampoo :)


    1. I know, it's so sticky though so I'd definitely avoid the roots if you do end up trying it! :) x

  4. I tried this and didn't like it much either, my hair ended up looking awfully greasy! :( x


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