Saturday, 4 August 2012

Soap District

Almond Oil Essential Oil Soap*
Who likes Almond cake? I do! This smells exactly like it. I literally can't stop smelling it. I have an Almond Body Butter from The Body Shop and literally love smelling that too, the only problem being it makes me not want to use it! When I got this, the only bug bear I had, not a massive one, but I didn't have a clue what to do with it. Was it a bubble bar, regular soap, bath bomb? I checked on their site and finally figured out it's an Essential Oil Soap. 

Soap made from a moisturising vegetable Glycerin base, which is a natural humectant (draws moisture to the skin).
We’ve add lashings of Jojoba and Avocado Oil to these soaps to give them even more skin nourishing properties. They produce a fantastic thick and creamy lather, hold their colour, scent and shape and do not shrink or crack over time. We have created each one with love, adding various Essential Oils, Botanticals, Butters and Base Oils to make each one different and truly lovely to use.
The product is also SLS Free, Paraben Free, Vegan and Vegetarian friendly which is always nice!

Their prices are much cheaper than Lush for the same type of products so I'd definitely recommend them. I used one of their foot products too, but idiot here forgot to photograph it. I broke it in half and my Boyfriend used half (he'll kill me for saying this!) and I used the other half. I still have a tiny bit left too which will get one more useage out of a little bath foot spa at home. I tried this one here which is a Peppermint Tingle Foot Bomb. I basically ran a mini bath and put the bomb in and watched it fizz. I combined it with a foot scrub I already had and voila, nice smelling smooth feet!

You can buy the Almond Oil soap here along with other yummy smelling shampoo, foot bars, bubble bars and tons more.

The kind people at Soap District also gave me a discount code for my lovely readers for 25% off! The code is QGL4JQ4CGWD9TTM0WUCFNY5J. (quite a long code but it works!)

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  1. Sounds so tasty! i love anything on almond. will check them out!


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