Monday, 6 August 2012

N-Spa Bath Products


A while ago I was offered the chance to test out some of N-Spa's new Fruit Extracts range. I am a huge fan of N-Spa and have at least 10 of their body products already prior to this! They're my favourite go to brand when I'm shopping around and about in Asda, they range from around £2-£5 with regular offers (currently it's 2 for £4 so get a deal while you can!)

My favourite thing out of all the things I've tried is definitely the Grapefruit Scrub*. It's so good, I've been using it every other day in between my tanning intervals to help remove my dead skin ready for re-tanning. After using this I combine it with the Shea Body Butter* (I know the scents don't go together but the Shea scent lingers, mmm)

The Passionfruit Shower and Bath Gel* is lovely but I want to try the others in the fruits range! I think this is a fabulous idea for the Summer time and I am already planning my next purchases from Asda.

You can buy N-Spa products on the Asda website here.

Have you tried N-Spa's products? What is your favourite?

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