Friday, 24 August 2012

My Scrabble Cushion

Scrabble Cushions - Stacey's blog - Bargain £3.50 + p+p
 How cute are these scrabble cushions?! I'd been watching a scrabble cushion for ages on eBay then it ended and I was gutted because I saw there was no more and I tracked down Stacey's blog in the end and had to have one of my own. They are so adorable and it looks great thrown on my bed. I picked a letter and number relevant to me (my boyfriend's initial and anniversary date), soppy I know, I know.

Stacey is back to uni soon so won't be able to have time to make them unfortunately, but keep your eyes peeled because I'm sure they'll make a re-appearance, or if you're quick, she's stopping doing these before 14th September!

I love mine, you can get yours now by checking out her blog here. Thanks Stacey!

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  1. I saw these in SELFRIDGES the other day for obviously a horrendous amount of money. Stacey is so talented, and I might steal your idea of the anniversary:)) xx

    1. I saw them there too for like £20! Rip off. I know she really is! Steal it ;) xx

  2. These are gorgeous! I'm a bit of a cushion fiend so will have to take a look! xx

  3. That cushion is adorable! I think the anniversary date is cute idea.



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