Tuesday, 14 August 2012

My Current Ebay Wishlist

I love reading these type of posts so I thought I'd show you my current wishlist on Ebay. I am a real bargain hunter and some of these things are amazing. Note: I have purchased the Faux Hermes Purse and Eco Tools 5pcs Make Up Brushes recently (both yet to arrive), however I am pondering my next purchase!

Most of these items come from Hong Kong and all prices include delivery, happy purchasing :)

1. Eco Tools 6pcs Eye Brush Set - £3.55
I am yet to try Eco Tools brushes but have seen tons of reviews and they do look really good. These will probably be my next purchase.

2. Folding Makeup Storage - £1.13
I am forever hoarding makeup and usually it's (not very nicely) spread across my bedroom floor. I am trying to find the perfect storage, and also holding out for the 5 drawer Muji Storage which I'm sure most people are! This is a good temporary solution.

3. Makeup Bag (Various Colours) - £2.99
At the weekend, I travel to my boyfriends so I try and take as much makeup/skincare as possible so that I don't have to keep travelling back. This is handy for just throwing stuff in whilst on the go.

4. Faux Hermes Purse/Wallet (Various Colours)- £2.98
I bought this as soon as Victoria tweeted a link to this. She's such a bad influence but I love the look of it, can't wait for it to arrive! I got mine in orange, but I do like most of them to be honets.

5. Envelope Style Clutch (Various Colours) - £4.30
A girl can never have too many clutches, which one do you prefer?

6. Eco Tools 5pcs Make Up Brushes - £3.78
I saw this set originally on Fiona's Blog and knew I had to have them. For £3.78 for a set of 5 brushes, that's a massive bargain. Fiona made sure to check if they were real, as she already had some genuine brushes, so I was happy with that and clicked buy!

7. 88 Eyeshadow Palette - £6.90
An 88 shade palette for £6.90?! I bought from this seller before, the Ebay 10 Shade Blusher Palette and was so happy with it so I looked at their other items and spotted this. It's been reduced recently and has so many shades which I'm bound to love.

Hong Kong deliveries usually take around 2 weeks to the UK, but hopefully these are worth the wait.

What do you like the look of the most? Let me know if you purchase anything or have any other Ebay bargains lately!

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  1. amazing ecotool finds, I love them soo much!

  2. I only have one ecotools brush but I really like it!


  3. Oh wow! Sooo beautiful clutch!!! :)

  4. I know right! I love it, can't wait for it to arrive :) x

  5. Oh cool, which one do you have? x


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