Wednesday, 15 August 2012

DGJ King of Colour Blonde Shampoo

dgj king of colour glossy blondes

dgj king of colour glossy blondes
DGJ King of Colour Glossy Blondes Shampoo + Conditioner*
I have the world's most damaged hair. I was recently diagnosed with dermatitis on my scalp and some shampoos can flare this up massively. I get it coloured every month and try to get it cut every 8 weeks, I know it's naughty to leave it so long but it's harder to manage when it's shorter. I was offered the chance to review some DGJ (aka Daniel Galvin Junior) hair products I jumped at the chance. I was sent DGJ King of Colour Glossy Blonde Shampoo* and Conditioner* and couldn't wait to try it.

The packaging unfortunately leaked all over once I opened the jiffy bag which was a shame but I managed to clean it off and it didn't look like too much leaked. I was able to use the shampoo and conditioner the same night and must admit, I was quite excited to try them. I had just had my hair coloured at this point so I wanted to wait a few weeks until my hair was fading to see the effect on my fading hair.

Firstly, I wasn't crazy about the conditioner. I usually use masks as a conditioner about 2-3 times a week and find they work well for me. The shampoo smells divine although the conditioner wasn't as strongly scented. It is quite a thick product but lathers easily. I love the fact that it's organic, I'm not overly picky when choosing hair products since I colour it anyway every month but I try to be good if I see organic or paraben free products while shopping. Both products also combine lemon peel and chamomile for that extra boost of blonde and to make your highlights (real or coloured) last longer.

The products are affordable at £5.99 for this range, they also do kids shampoo and an every day range. I've never seen these before but I'm definitely re-purchasing the shampoo. I didn't find any faults with the conditioner, I just didn't see any improvement in my hair condtion or shine.

Have you tried DGJ hair products? Don't forget you can buy from DGJ online or Waitrose for £5.99.

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  1. I've tried Daniel Galvin products and was quite impressed, thinking of trying hair products for blondes just to brighten it up a bit :D


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