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Betrousse Summer Kit Review

betrousse summer kit
Betrousse Summer Kit* RRP £19
I'm sure most of you have seen the various beauty boxes that are around and about, but the Betrousse boxes (kits) are slightly different. If you've read my previous Betrousse organic box, then that explains Betrousse a little further but basically they have only full sized items in their kits. The box itself costs a little more, usually under £20 but they're worth so much more! So without further a do, I'll show you what was in my recent Betrousse Summer Kit* and my thoughts.

Orhis - Nourishing Face Cream - £28 RRP
 This is the first of 3 face creams that are featured in the box. This one is my favourite I've tried so far and is a great makeup base I've found. It dries quickly and I've used it for about a week now and had no problems! This retails for £28 - that makes the box instantly worth it.

Cinq Mondes - Roses Petal Rain - £28 RRP
 I was quite excited when I saw this, but didn't know what it was at first. It's described as a "roses petal rain" which I've been using as a body spray. I normally hate anything rose scented, but this is very subtle so if you prefer anything stronger, then this isn't for you. It's good value at £28 for 200ml, I definitely wouldn't pay this normally for a spray like this so I'm happy I've got this in my kit.

Lilas Blanc - Secret Eclat Jeunesse - £36.50 RRP
 This is the second of the face creams that I received. This one feels the most luxurious and is so heavy! It really weighed the box down so I was excited to see what was in the box before I opened it. It's an anti-wrinkle day cream but I've not yet had chance to use it yet so I will keep you updated if I really like this. Again, RRP of £36.50 so it's quite expensive, kind of hoping I don't like it for that price!

Benta Berry - Moisturising Cream - £12
The last cream of the box - too many for one box I think! This is a great size for throwing in my toiletry bag when I travel to my Boyfriends at the weekend and again, I really like this. It dries quickly and doesn't feel too greasy or heavy on the skin. I think £12 is acceptable for this product which makes me likely to re-purchase. Also, all products in the kits are available from either Betrousse or another website listed on their card in the box.

L-R - Extra Treat - Shower Gel - Cosmetoo Nail Art Kit - RRP £3.90
The shower gel was a little extra treat that they threw in there which was nice. I've not had chance to use this yet so can't comment but bonus gifts are always a nice gesture.

I was disappointed with the nail art kit. It isn't something I would use, maybe in the future but the kit comes with some rhinestones, the bows as you can see and one cuticle stick. I may give this a try, they have an eBay shop which is good as Paypal doesn't feel like real money does it?!

Overall I think this was a great box and I love the element of surprise. Maybe 3 face creams wasn't quite necessary, but then that's how you find new things you like by trial and error! Most things are a bit too expensive, but I really like 2 out of 3 face creams, so I'll trial them for a little longer and see how they go!

Have you tried the Betrousse boxes? What do you think about the items I received?

You can buy the Betrousse Summer Kit for £19 from the Betrousse site.

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  1. helen at thelovecatsinc20 August 2012 at 12:40

    for the amount you get and the value, it seems like a bargain of a beauty box!

    from helen at // @thelovecatsinc

    ps. please feel free to enter into my brand new giveaway! you can win one of two big jewellery/accessory prizes!

  2. I struggle to find face creams that don't make my skin oily so it was lovely to read about these two. It sounds like a nice box - but I agree, too many face creams!

  3. I know me too, they berry one has been good so far, always nice to find one in a beauty box that's normally quite expensive! x


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