Saturday, 25 August 2012

Alternative Brow Product

Natural Collection - Eyeshadow Single - Shade Milk Chocolate

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Natural Collection Solo Eyeshadow - Shade Milk Chocolate

I spotted this a few weeks ago in Boots and thought it would be good to try on my brows to fill them in. It was a bargain £1.79. Just in case you aren't aware of this brand, Natural Collection are a brand by Boots that are fairly cheap and do a range from toiletries to make-up, my favourite from there being their blushers in Peach Melba and Pink Cloud.

Anyway, back to this product. It's pretty good for the price and is slightly too dark for my brows and hair but nothing I can't cope with. It's a great alternative if this shade will suit you and you want to try something new other than a pencil maybe. I've been using this on an angled brush and lightly filling my eyebrows in, starting at my arch and working my way out. A little goes a long way, especially if you're fair haired like me. I  hate using dark colours on my brows, as it looks stupid with blonde hair in my opinion.

You can buy Natural Collection in Milk Chocolate from the Boots website here.

What do you think? Have you tried this eye shadow or any of Natural Collection's products?

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  1. I'm in the same boat as you. With blonde hair it's hard to get that filled in brow look without looking really stupid!

    1. I know I see some silly people with dark eyebrows and blonde hair, I try to match my hair as best as possible! x

  2. I already have full eyebrows but I still like to fill them in for a cleaner look:)

    love the post!

    xoxo Thania

  3. That would be a perfect colour for filing in my brows - as I have really dark eyebrows. I am currently using a Vivo brow palette that has 3 shades in & I only use one of those. So this little pot would be so much better. I am going to pick this up & at that bargain price its a must.
    I havent tried anything from this collection in a long time. But will stop & take a look for sure in the future.

    1. Ah really, I love the Vivo brow kit too! I mainly use that or the Benefit Browzings but I actually prefer the Vivo kit. x


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