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Xen Tan Deep Bronze Luxe + Xen Tan Event

Why oh why haven't I tried this tan before is the first thing I'll say. It's out-done all the other fake tans I've used before in several ways and I'm about to tell you why. If any of you, like me, are ultra pale (you should see me in Winter!) then you know how hard it is to find a fake tan that simply won't streak or smell like biscuits. It sounds easy enough, but after trying this, I've finally found one that I love and will re-purchase as soon as I'm at the end of the bottle.

Xen Tan Event

Their concept and brand has really pulled me in and after attending their North Bloggers event recently, I wanted to show you how good their tan really is. The night started with a bit of mingling with other bloggers and Wizard Publicity (Formerly Wizard PR) and Xen Tan's gorgeous founder Natalie. I was inspired by her to really go for what I want after her brilliant presentation, where I am normally into deep day-dreaming mode by sentence 3. She was inspired to create her own fake tan after being so pale, nothing working without streaking plus the usual smelling biscuit fake tan smell. Natalie wanted the olive under tones in her tan, which is very rare in fake tans, to adapt with the DHA (the active tanning ingredient) and create an olive, natural look. 

I just want to say a massive thank you both to Xen Tan and the girls from Wizard Publicity for hosting the evening, we all had an amazing time!

I've also included a few cheeky pictures from the night too!

Xen Tan Deep Bronze Luxe*


I have been using the Deep Bronze Luxe approx every 5-6 days at the moment which is pretty good. You aren't standing around naked for ages whilst it dries either, result! It dried so quickly that I was able to put clothes on pretty soon after too to nip out. It is an instant colour but I found that when I applied this before bed, the colour changed a little more in the morning. It wasn't as dark as I had hoped to be honest, but I'm so pale normally so it's still a massive improvement.

The Positives

It's a very natural look and definitely isn't orangey which is a bonus! We were also kindly gifted with the Xen Tan mitt to apply but I found this to be awful. I have never found anything better than my St Tropez mitt but the mitt just made the product sit on top of my skin rather than be buffed in.

The scent, ahh it's amazing. It has a Vanilla scent, which is in fact my favourite so well done Xen Tan!

Xen Tan Deep Bronze Luxe is very moisturising too so no more dry patches, usually my knees and elbows are the main culprits. 

Providing you continue to moisturise and exfoliate, although only lightly as I've found this can take off quite a bit of the colour sooner than necessary, this could last weekly which saves the huge chore of fake tanning. I have had the usual tanned sheets and towels, but that's what the washing machine is for!

The Negatives

One thing I have noticed, for me personally, is the worst area to apply to is my chest. The day after applying, and sometimes instantly, it goes very, very patchy and looks pretty awful. Everything is fine once I've moisturised again in the morning and buffed a little more into the skin.

Like everything in life these days, the price. It's not as expensive as some of the other Xen Tan products, which is exactly why I would re-purchase this. Fake Bake is my usual tanner to go to which is around £20-£25 so it's not a big jump in price and with the sellers I have listed below, I can get this for the same price as Fake Bake - result!

You can buy Xen Tan Deep Bronze Luxe for £21.50 on Feelunique (free p+p), £26.09 on John Lewis, Currently £24.15 on Debenhams (sale price), £19.75 (cheapest price) at Gorgeous shop (free p+p too!)

Offer Alert: If you buy from you can get 20% off using code BBTAN20 (Offer expires 31/08/12 and is for a one time purchase)

What do you think of Xen Tan? Have you tried Xen Tan Deep Bronze Luxe?

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  1. Oooo I want to try this one! i got the normal dark lotion.


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