Friday, 13 July 2012

What's in my handbag?

If you're as nosey as me, you'll love a good what's in my handbag post and since I've looked at so many, it's only fair you see what's in mine too!

Starting off, my bag is from River Island sale, a bargain price of £18, the strap is quite long so I've had to order a leather hole puncher from ebay, hoping that does the trick! It's a satchel type bag and I love it!

Here is my absolute mess of a bag. I carry everything I possibly want throughout the day and I even sometimes don't have things that I wish I could squeeze in, optimistic!

So, in my bag I carry my:

Glasses case (plus glasses obviously, see below picture)
Phone USB cable - my phone battery doesn't last very long!
Mirror - Macbook Air
Deodorant - Vaseline Active Fresh
Kleenex Shine Absorbing Sheets
Korres Lip Butter - Pomegranete
4 more lip balms - you know, just in case: Burt's Bees Original, Burt's Bees Tinted Lip Balm, Blistex Cherry, Blistex Tinted
Vicks Nasal Spray - I'm prone to colds and hayfever!
My makeup bag - another dimension there!
Tangle Teezer
Impulse Body Spray
Last but not least, minty breath spray.

My old, battered D&G Glasses
 Wow, that puts things into perspective! I carry a lot of rubbish! But, rubbish I need I would like to add! Link me to your bag post, I'd love to nosey at more.

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  1. Oh wow, this bag is gorgeous! xx

  2. We have the same purse lol. I have a whats in my bag post coming up on my blog soon

  3. It's a pretty purse! It fits everything I need in it but it's so heavy haha. Oh brill :) x

  4. I love these posts. Your bag is lovely, loved it on Wednesday. x


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