Thursday, 19 July 2012

Revlon Lip Butter Strawberry Shortcake

revlon lip butter strawberry shortcake

Revlon Lip Butter in shade Strawberry Shortcake

I know every man and his dog has banged on about the Revlon Lip Butters but I thought I'd add my pennies worth. I've lusted after the Revlon Lip Butters for quite some time so I thought I deserved it. Quite a few colours caught my eye but I stuck with a subtle choice for me first one. 

Revlon Colour Burst Lip Butter, for those that haven't heard of them before, is basically a lip balm and shiny colour mixed together with 14 shades available in the UK, 20 in the US (why don't we get more?!). It's very moisturising and not what I was expecting. 

revlon lip butter strawberry shortcake


The Revlon Lip Butter is quite moisturising so it glides on easily. I always wear lip balm anyway, so I tried with and without, both just as moisturising. For someone with incredibly dry lips, it's been something I've purposely used more when I feel like I need a boost. I would use a mirror though as I applied it once whilst out and about and looked like I'd been eating some kind of sweets for a few hours - thanks to nobody telling me!

The Positives

The shades are quite good, but as a negative why don't we get the full shade range?! Saying that though, I'm just being picky, the shade range is more than enough and so much so, I'm already planning my next one! Revlon are on top form at the moment and bringing out consistent new products and getting behind the beauty blogging market.

You can see how subtle it is on my hand, why does it make my hand look so hairy?!
The Negatives

Price - this is something I've pondered quite a bit. I would be more likely to purchase a lot more at say £6 but then it isn't much more than that anyway. They are value for money, but like everything at the moment, way too over-hyped.

revlon lip butter strawberry shortcake


They are good, but not as amazing as everyone made out. I'm not interested much in the stains, maybe when I try them they'll change my mind once I try them. I will re-purchase them in a different colour, a brighter pink like Lollipop maybe.

Have you tried the Revlon Colour Burst Lip Butter? What do you think?

You can purchase them here on the Boots website, Superdrug website and Tesco. All for £7.99 each.

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  1. Jasmine Huston19 July 2012 at 13:29

    In Australia it costs us $21.95 ... which would be about
    £13.80 for you! Definitely way overpriced... we also don't get the full range, I think!
    Otherwise it is lovely, and I'll definitely buy more. Although I think with the price I have to pay, I'll be sticking with eBay haha! :)

  2. Woww that is very expensive! I've heard Australia is expensive anyway. Ebay is best for tons of things! :) x

  3. I'm from Brisbane and bought a couple of these babies on sale on a 2 for 1 deal, but yeah, they're like $22 each 0_o. Ick. I also didn't like the Strawberry Shortcake I bought. It's kind of shimmery and just didn't look right on my lips but the darker, more matte shades are amazing.

    1. Wowwww, that is expensive! But at least it was on 2 for 1! I do actually like it now to be honest! :) x


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