Friday, 20 July 2012

Purity Organic Skincare Cleansing Lotion

Purity Organic Skincare Conditioning Cleansing Lotion Make-Up Remover*

I love taking my make-up off, probably more than I do applying it actually, but I want to do it the fastest, easiest way possible. I usually use Micellar water cleansers such as the Bioderma or Etat Pur but I was sent this recently along with some other goodies to try and really liked it.

Whenever I do any sort of questionnaire for my skincare, I always get told that Micellar Water Cleansers are too harsh for my skin. Thankfully, my dryness is clearing up at the moment so I go ahead anyway, but I am always told to use lotions rather than abrasive water cleansers. I have been using this over quite a long period of time and must say I really like it. Purity Skincare is suitable for vegetarians and most products for vegans too except my beloved Regnerating Overnight Moisturiser (reviewed here).

The first thing I do (along with my Mum) is sniff any products I get. I don't know why, just a habit! So I noticed immediately that it was un-scented, great for sensitive skin. I love using this when I have mini reactions to various products that I try as it really calms down my skin.

You get 150ml which is quite a big amount and a little definitely goes a long way with this! I use a tiny amount on my oval shaped cotton pads and dab it, like I would foundation to cover my face then use the pad to completely cleanse my face.

Purity Organic Cleansing Lotion contains:

Sweet Almond Oil, Aloe Vera and Glycerine base: Oats condition and restore, Amino Acids help skin to absorb moisture, Avocado Oil conditions the skin, and Euphrasia and Rose Water tones the skin.

The Oat Kernel Flour is sourced in Sweden, the Avocado Oil is sourced from South Africa.

I'm really impressed by their skincare range and can't believe how cheap their products are. Once I've ran out, I will be re-purchasing my favourites from the range. I hope they bring out more products, I'll be the first to want to try them! 

You can buy Purity Organic Skincare online here, with the Cleansing Lotion Make Up Remover RRP £4.99 - Bargain!

Have you tried Purity Skincare? What do you think about a lotion rather than beloved water cleansers?

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