Friday, 27 July 2012

Perfectly Pampered Spa Hair Mask (Orange Oil)

perfectly pampered hair mask

perfectly pampered hair mask
Perfectly Pampered Hair Mask*
I recently got sent the Perfectly Pampered Hair Mask* and was quite excited to try it out. You see, my hair is in a bad state at the moment. I've no idea what's up with it but it's limp, dry and just generally, looks a mess. I have my hair coloured every 4 weeks and because it's blonde, it usually looks in worse condition than brunettes and red heads, I personally find anyway. 

I tried this without any expectations since I've tried quite a lot within the past month or so. It has an orange scent which I love! The sachet looks small, but I actually got 2 uses out of this and I have thick, long hair. 
I applied it midst-bath, waited about 10-15 minutes then washed off. My hair was so soft after I'd washed it out and I wanted to swoosh it around all the time..

After a few days though, my hair was back to being limp and lifeless which is a shame, but for a days treat/pick me up if you spot this whilst out shopping, throw it in your basket!

I didn't actually realise this was made by Montagne Jeunesse as it wasn't overly clear on the packaging, but I have tons of their face masks so knew I'd love it.

If you want to buy online, it doesn't seem to be all that easy to get hold of but I found a few Amazon and Ebay sellers here:

Amazon - 12 x Mandarin and Grapefruit oil sachets £8.99
Ebay - £0.99 (plus £0.50 p+p)

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