Sunday, 1 July 2012

OOTD featuring Matalan Cat Bag!

Matalan cat bag

I thought I'd do a different post today than normal in the form of an OOTD. I want to do more of these posts but unfortunately I just have no room to do them, so excuse me blurring out all the rubbish!

A few days ago I went to an event hosted by Carat media and the lovely Matalan and Swimwear 365 were there. I learnt a lot of tips so you may see a few subtle changes to my blog in the next coming weeks! Matalan were handing out some goody bags and I was so happy when I saw what was inside! A cat bag! Anybody that knows me personally, will know that I love cats! I've been looking for clothes/shoes/bags with cats on for a while but haven't found any I really liked until I saw this. It's so cute and great to just throw in a few beauty items and nip to the shops etc!

My playsuit is a few months old from Primark. I got it for my holiday but it's a little tight now, gym here I come! It was only about £5/6, cheap and cheerful! The weather is so temperamental at the moment, I wore this when it was raining so heavy, went outside and it was so hot that I wanted to take my tights off. I'm not a fan of really low denier tights but these were about 40 denier which is probably my minimum. I've got the shortest legs and hate emphasising them so prefer to wear darker tights!

How cute is this Cat bag?! It's a bargain at £8 from Matalan and is part of their new A/W Collection, which is seriously amazing by the way, I suggest you all have a look! I don't normally get to look in Matalan much and their website doesn't seem to have that much up to date things as they do in store, but after previewing their lookbook, I can't wait to see their new collection!

You can buy the Cat bag online here for £8. Do you like it?

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  1. Celene Parsons1 July 2012 at 13:47

    i love love love your bag! xo

  2. I know it's soo cute, especially for £8 x


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