Tuesday, 10 July 2012

My Daily Beauty Products Part 1

I wanted to do something a little different today and show you my every day go to products but of course we'd be here all day if I showed you them in one go, so I'll start today with skincare!

I don't use all of these every single day, but I will specify which I do and don't.

I love all of these products, and they all help my skin in areas that I need a little bit more TLC. Starting left to right:

Purity Organic Skincare - Regenerating Overnight Moisturiser*

I got sent a few products from Purity a few weeks ago and already I've fallen in love with one of their products. Purity skincare is all natural beauty products and suitable for vegetarians and vegans, except a few products including this one. The regenerating overnight moisturiser is a different kind of texture to the moisturisers I've normally tried. It's a little thicker, in a good way, but definitely not greasy or non-drying like some I've tried. I use it as my very last step before bed, either every night or every other night and I've found my skin loves me using this, alternating with the skin oil to regenerate my dull, dry skin. I was waiting for the down side, usually being the price but I will definitely be re-purchasing once mine runs out. It's £7.99 for a 50ml tub! You can buy it here if you're interested!

Re-Gen Cream

I bought this quite a while ago, after seeing it on around and about in B&M Bargains of all places, I've reviewed this further here if you want to take a look! It's a great product that does all type of things in one, I mainly use it for my stretch marks but also on my dry patches, it is a good alternative to Sudocrem sometimes!

Vitamin E Skin Care Skin Oil

After stalking the Superdrug aisles for quite some time, I finally decided to try the skin oil. I haven't noticed this before and loving skin oils at the moment, I thought what the heck, it was only £2.99 for 30ml! This smells a-mazing. I know, I say this about most things, but honestly it does. I'm a sucker for anything coconut-y and this doesn't let me down. It doesn't feel too sticky if that makes sense. Considering it's oil, normally I want to get it off my face as fast as possible but I can happily leave this on overnight. I alternate between this and the Purity Organic Skincare Regenerating Moisturiser. It has a little hole in the top which disperses the product without it flying everywhere, that tends to happen to me a lot!

Starting left to right, these are my most used daily products:

Dove Summer Glow

I love using this and find it just gives me a lovely, healthy glow. I'm not one for fake tanning every day, especially in bad weather, what's the point?! Using this though is simple as it doubles up as a moisturiser too and applies nicely with my St Tropez mitt and latex gloves. I've also done a review of this, you can look at it here.

Bioderma Micellar Cleanser

Every man and his dog knows or owns this cleanser. It's simple to see why. It's great for us lazy people that want one product to do all jobs in one. I've found a new replacement for once this is empty but I have loved it a lot but it's just so damn hard for us English people to get hold of!

Benefit Ultra Radiance Re-Hydrating Mist*

I got this a while ago when I attended a Benefit event and thought it could be a bit of a Caudalie dupe. It's nothing like it really, except it's a spritzer but I prefer it more actually to the Caudalie. Firstly, you get better value for money, secondly the scent is so much nicer! Yuck, I hate Caudalie's. I use this either over my makeup just as a re-fresher or after cleansing just to give myself a perk me up. I have reviewed this in further detail here. It is quite pricey compared to some other good face mists, but this does the job for me. I would love to re-purchase if they had a sale, but at £19.50, it is way too expensive unfortunately!

What are your daily products, link me to yours if you have a similar post! I love to nosey. It gives me a good idea of how good a product is when people use it daily!

I will link part 2 of this little series when I put it up!

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  1. Hannah Carberry10 July 2012 at 12:06

    I've been looking for a good moisuriser, so I might have to try some of these out! xo

  2. beautybecca.blogspot.com10 July 2012 at 12:28

    I have that super drug oil too :D such a bargain!

  3. I love Dove Summer Glow! Great post, now following you :) xx

  4. I love dove summer glow too. =) It's so good.x

  5. Yes, you should, they're all my faves :) x

  6. I know wow! I love it :D x

  7. Thank you so much! :) I'm about to apply it now haha x

  8. I know it is, it's usually on offer too! x


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