Friday, 6 July 2012

Montagne Jeunesse Travel Pack

Montagne Jeunesse Travel Pack Review

Hands up who's going on holiday? I'm not, I've already been so will have to wait until next year. For those that are still yet to go on holiday, why don't you save more space for shoes and clothes and take a travel pack with all the products you'll need for your holiday? This Montagne Jeunesse Travel Pack is great for that and for £5!

6 treats which come in this cute little booklet pack which contains:

1 x Passion Peel Off Masque 
1 x Skin Smoother
2 x Body Wash 
1 x Foot Cooler 
1 x Intensive Spa Hair Masque

Passion Peel Off Mask

I have tried their face masks numerous times before and know and love them well, the passion peel off being my favourite except when I use it my Mum thinks it's hilarious that I look like I've got serious sun burn! It's great for a quick 10 minutes pick-me-up when you feel like you need to treat yourself.

A little blurry but you get the gorgeous is that colour though going off on a tangent?!

Foot Cooler

The foot cooler was a completely new product to me, both by the brand and in general. I didn't know what to expect but from past experience when I've used foot products/masks I've found them to be mainly exfoliating with bits in. It comes out quite liquidy and a very strong menthol scent which is quite overpowering, but if you want a treat, that may not be a bad thing! I lathered it on my feet for it waiting for it to be sticky but it actually turned into a powder, cool hey?! It did get all over my hands as you can expect, but hand wash quickly solves that problem! 

I would show you my before and after, but nobody really wants to see that! I wasn't sure if you was meant to wash the product off afterwards, but I felt I had to anyway but it left them feeling smooth and refreshed! Overall, I loved it and would re-purchase it separately but those Summer holidays.

Body Wash

The body wash was something that is great for packs like this with holidays but I do think you'd need more for a holiday, that was my only issue! It smells amazing though and easy to lather. Yummy!

Intensive Spa

When you're in and out of the sea and sun on holiday, your hair can tend to get left out. The Intensive Spa Hair Mask is something I love doing every few weeks. I wouldn't normally take this on holiday, that's where this pack comes in handy if you're short on space, as I usually am. It's got the juices of Orange, Grapefruit and Lemon. My hair felt in much better condition when I used this in my normal day-to-day routine and still smelt amazing the next day too!

All their products are suitable for vegetarians and they always use natural ingredients! I love their little slogan too; 

 "We're vegetarian and animals are our friends - that's why we don't bash bunnies or add bits of animals"

You can buy the travel pack here for a bargain price of £5.00!

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  1. I loved the hair mask in this, did you think it smelt of starburst!? =)

  2. Celene Parsons6 July 2012 at 16:35

    i'm not going on holiday either, but i think this would be handy for a pampering! xo

  3. This really is such a bargain purchase, £5 for some great products and its so ideal for travel. Totally agree that passion peel off looks like terrible sunburn while its applied! x

  4. Haha glad someone else agrees! You do get a lot, when you work it out it's not bad really for less than a £1 per sachet! x


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