Thursday, 12 July 2012

Denman Shower Massage Brush

Denman are a brand I haven't tried prior to this and I have been converted. I was very intrigued by the Denman De-Bop Massager Shower Brush* and decided to give it a go. It looked a little like a tangle teezer, only for in the shower.

I'm not an expert, but the one tip I follow after I wash my hair, is don't brush it wet! This doesn't seem to apply when actually in the bath/shower. I love using it in the bath more though as I can take my time and really massage my head and the product works through much better.

You can use the Denman De-Bop Massage Brush for shampoo, conditioner, hair products or styling. It's a multi purpose product and even when I've tried it on normal dry hair, it does the trick! It's no Tangle Teezer and that has changed my thoughts to brushes, but for brushes in the bath/shower, I will definitely be doing that more often.

Since using the Denman Shower Brush, I have noticed a huge improvement in my hair as more often than not, the product usually stays in one part of my hair, usually behind my ears. If you wash your hair over the bath then I'm sure you can have this problem too. I'm sure if you dye your hair this could also work well!

You can get your Denman De-Bop Shower Massage Brush from Boots for £3.69, John Lewis for £2.80 or Lookfantastic for £2.75!

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