Tuesday, 10 July 2012

Blogger Partnerships

I wanted to do a quick post today to tell you all about the few things I've learnt about Blogger Partnerships since becoming once myself. There are several out there, in different formats. First of all is:

The Simple VIP club

I love Simple VIP
Are you a member of the Simple VIP club?

This is great for testing out new products and samples every once in a while. You have to earn your "status" on Simple and you can do this in several ways, it's easily accessible on their website. You can join by clicking the Simple badge above.

Next up is the Next Blogger Network.

Part of the next blogger network

Most of you are probably familiar with this and they send a newsletter every month with up to date information. I haven't had much involvement with these personally but it is a nice community to see how everyone else is getting on! Click the logo above to find out more.

As a member of the Next Blogger Network you will have access to a host of benefits:

  • The latest trend reports, insider industry information and behind-the-scenes coverage
  • Invitations to exclusive season previews and collection launches
  • The opportunity to collaborate on exciting blogger projects
  • The occasional Next goodies
  • Products to review and style on your blog
  • The chance to share your honest opinion!
Next is Oasap Fashion Hunter Programme

This is quite popular amongst bloggers and brilliant for freebies, as it says, on your first order you get 20% off plus credit when you sign up to the Fashion Hunters programme. It is quite simple plus free delivery! Bonus.

Another is Very.co.uk

Part of the Very Blogger Network

They also have a great network, for all types of different blogs, it's also a way I discover new ones! I recommend giving that a go!

Lastly is Hairtrade

in Hair Extensions and Beauty Products 

Hairtrade do a blogger partnership where you review products based on a "level" i.e, bronze, silver or gold depending on how often you want to publish etc.

I know this isn't the "done thing" to publish these partnerships but hopefully it's helped some of you in the right direction! :) If you have any problems, send me a tweet or email and I'll gladly help you out if I can! There are more out there but these are the ones I like and find work well!



  1. This was very useful to me, I'm pretty new to blogging.
    I might join one or two of these, thanks!

    Love your blog by the way, its so well designed and a pretty layout :)

    Your newest follower,
    Laura xx

  2. Fantastic blog post, checking the last few out now! :) x

  3. Rebecca Brittle11 July 2012 at 04:16

    As a fairly new blogger I found this post extemely helpful. It's lovely when people are willing to take the time to explain things. There is so much respect within this community!


  4. Ah brilliant glad you like it :) thank you xx

  5. Thank you so much :) avid reader of your blog too! x

  6. Aw thank you :) I love the community and most help each other out! x


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