Tuesday, 31 July 2012

My Beauty Box Swap with Hong Kong

A few weeks ago I arranged a swap with a Beauty Blogger in Hong Kong. I've looked at Asian beauty and skincare brands for too long and they're pretty expensive or hard to get hold of in the UK so I asked for a few bits, majority surprises and this is what I got from Jacq, thanks Jacq!!

Kanebo BB Cream Shade 01 - This seems so good but it's such a shame as the shade just isn't right for me :( I could use this as a base for heavier coverage foundation but unfortunately it's far too ghostly. I underestimated my pale-ness!

Left - Sinful Color Professional Nail Polish
This is a lovely shade and in the bottle I thought meh a bit but it's a glittery but nude shade. Easy to wear for work with a little twist. It lasted about 5 days too, bonus!

Right - Bath & Body Works Signature Collection Mist
I wasn't overly keen on the scent but have been using it as a room mist :) First try of bath & body works though!

Fiberwig Mascara - I wasn't really looking for a mascara and then I noticed it was brown, I don't normally wear brown mascara but as I've been trying it out lately I have noticed it's pretty good. Jacq said it's one of the best selling mascara's in Japan so I thought it must be good! I've been using it on its own and as a second coat over my usual mascara. It's pretty good I must admit!

Jacq also very kindly threw in a lot of samples of various skincare things. I've tried a couple of things so far, being the Lash Conditioning cleanser and one of the white face masks. My Boyfriend said I looked a little like I should be in a horror film but I hated the smell :( (it was the red packet below Red Ginseng) My skin did feel quite soft afterwards, but I haven't noticed a massive difference yet! I'm excited to try these all out.

Left - More samples of vaious eye and face masks. I've since tried one of the eye masks for getting rid of dark circles. No miracles so far but it was so refreshing! Brilliant idea.

Right - This was a thoughtful, cute little trinket that Jacq threw in :) I don't know what I will use this for yet but it's sitting by my bed.

Another little thoughtful gift. This pink pouch is a great mani/pedicure set. I needed one of these actually so great timing. Cute to throw in for travelling too.

Daiso? Multi Cheek Blusher - Without further ado, this is, the best blusher I've tried yet. I think because I'm so pale, I love lighter pale pink and peachy shade blusher and on first impressions I thought hmm tacky packaging, but I was soo impressed! The brush is flimsy but I've literally been wearing the lighter pink one every day more or less. I want to find more to stock up on for future reference! My sister tried stealing it, no way is she having this!

I have loved doing a beauty box swap and love surprises but was pleasantly surprised. There's only a few things I won't use but I've found my new favourite blusher at least!

Have you tried a beauty box swap?

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Monday, 30 July 2012

Betrousse Box

Betrousse Organic Box

I kindly won this box from the lovely Jessica from JessicaBeautician (thank you Jess!!) and was delighted to try out the Organic box. I did see what I was getting before hand briefly but forgot about it until the box arrived! I will use 3 out of the 5 products which isn't bad, the hair mascara went straight to my niece!

If you haven't heard of Betrousse Box, they are a beauty box with a difference. They focus on French brands (great for skincare!) but all their products are full size. The boxes are a little more expensive than your average Glossybox, She Said Beauty etc but remember, you are getting more for your money and usually triple what you've paid already.

Each month, Betrousse offer themed boxes (kits) usually under £20 for 5 products, bargain!

I haven't had much chance to test out the products yet except the eyes and lips contour. It's an oil that you put around your eyes and lips as it says but the texture is really nice. Normally I hate putting oils on my face, the things we do for beauty! The formulation is good, I can't say I've noticed a difference just yet, but I'll keep you updated!

The bath salts are my next to try. I love bath salts as a treat but really love my Nirvana Spa Toffee bath (it's amazing-try it!)

The hair mascara was a little test but it looked absolutely awful on my hair and went quite crispy, not a good look trust me.

The hair spray is a brilliant idea as I normally spray perfume or body spray, also not very good for your hair, oopsy. I love the smell but will probably use it after a heat protectant rather than on dry hair as advised.

The lavender soap isn't something I will use. I hate lavender scents, so immediately gave this to my Boyfriend who put it in good use!

Overall, I think the boxes are a great idea. I would have prefered one of the other boxes but I've been very lucky to be introduced to these boxes. I want to see what other boxes are coming up in the next following month but I like the look of the "must haves" box.

What do you think of this box? Would you like the organic box?

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Sunday, 29 July 2012

The Only Way To Apply Face Tan

Last weekend whilst browsing Bodycare (Grahams to some of you) I spotted this mitt. Hmm, too small for your body I thought. Face mitt! Just what I wanted without realising. Applying face tan on my face is the bain of my life. It goes so patchy and normal mitts are just too much for my tiny face so it seems. The size of this means you can get in all the places you didn't want to go near before, i.e eyebrows and around your hairline. I always panic about getting tan in my hair, no more with this.

I've loved using it and the best thing? It was only a couple of quid. (can't remember exactly oopsy!)
I woke up with amazingly applied face tan, if I say so myself.

Have you tried a facial mitt? How do you normally apply your fake tan?

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Saturday, 28 July 2012

My Trip To York (pic heavy!)

York Trip

I thought I'd do a different kind of post today, a personal little trip, hope you like it :)

A couple of weeks ago, me and my lovely Boyfriend took a trip to York to celebrate our 1 year anniversary.
I love York, it’s so quaint and the best thing is all the little tea and coffee shops. We stopped by a beautiful little French Bistro type place. There was far too many to choose from but most were so, so busy that we chose this (it was on our way to Superdrug for a cheeky Revlon Just Bitten Lip Stain of course.)

The architecture is just amazing and I love how friendly everyone is!

A beautiful park we drove past.

One of the cute side streets

The Purple Man (he's on Twitter and the web too!) So creepy.

More cute streets!

I squealed when I saw this. Gorgeous things in the shop, shame it's so expensive! Will be going back there definitely.

York Minster peeping through the shops.

Cobbled Roads.

French food.

Cold drinks on a warm day, mmm.

I want to go back!

These were good!

York Minster - Wish I could get married here one day! 

Some cute houses I like.
So there we go, some pictures (all took from my phone unfortunately I forgot my camera, so sorry the quality is quite poor!)

Hope you like them, do you like more personal photos or less? Let me know, I love hearing your comments :)

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