Friday, 29 June 2012


I wanted to do a post today to inform you all of the “Sponsors Page” on one of my tab pages at the top. Occasionally I do ad swaps with various bloggers and I wanted to tell you all about the bloggers I have on my page at the moment!

Firstly is Milo and Molly, it’s a great blog that’s based in America by the lovely Kristen. We’ve swapped buttons for quite a while now and I love checking up on her blog to see the latest posts. It’s a lifestyle blog and completely lovely to read. I’d suggest you have a look and check it out! :)

I also have Beckys Makeup, I have read her blog for quite a while before we swapped buttons but I read her blog regularly and it’s so pretty too! I wish I could get mine that neat and tidy! If you’re into makeup and skincare reviews, check her out!

I recently swapped buttons with Topaz & May and Lisa’s blog is also one I read myself. I think swapping buttons is a great idea to read new blogs and her blog is quite girly like mine, with reviews on makeup, brushes, skincare, fashion and lifestyle so quite varied!

Lastly is actually an Ebay shop owned by Jessica. She has also just started up her new blog recently which is mainly beauty and fashion posts. She hates her dimples which amazes me as I’m so jealous! I’ve poked my cheeks hoping for dimples forever, to no avail :( Check out her blog here

See my Sponsors page here.

If anybody else wants to swap buttons please feel free to copy my button (listed in my sidebar at the bottom) and contact me to swap with yours!

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