Sunday, 10 June 2012

Spa Find Calmit Extract

I've got something different today that I haven't previously tried before, oils for your face. It feels bizarre to me putting oil on my face, I regularly use it on my legs for stretch marks etc but I've been trying this out and I must say, I've been converted so far.

In the Spa Find Calmit Extracts set*, you get 3 vials. It's for monthly use as a "treat", an intensive skin boosting product and is the first step you use in your skincare routine. It's described as an anti-ageing facial treatment with natural Harmonised Water and Padina Pavonica algae extract to repair ageing skin, stimulate collagen synthesis and even skin tone. Since I'm only 21 years old, the anti-ageing part is quite irrelevant to me, I still get ID'd now! 

Spa Find Calmit Extract*
I'm using 1 a week at the moment to see how I get on, beware the oil comes out quite a watery based liquid as I found out when I spilt a bit! (they should come with a warning! or maybe I'm just ditzy?!) On the packaging it does say you can use all 3 x 6ml vials in one go as an intensive treatment but for the price, I'd rather see how I get on with 1 a week. I'm already becoming quite a big fan of their brand since discovering some of their products and once payday arrives, I'll be browsing their site further for more goodies! 

You can buy it online here for £29.50. It's not cheap but if it does the job then it's money well spent! I will keep you updated over the next few weeks how it goes. So far my skin feels a lot smoother and clearer but I'll see how I progress if there's any "purging" stage to follow!

Have you tried any facial oils? What would you recommend?

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  1. Celene Parsons10 June 2012 at 17:07

    really interesting product, never heard of oils for your face! xo

  2. me too! it's a weird feeling at first but it's very refreshing to use :) x

  3. Shenley Gallimore10 June 2012 at 20:48

    I love the sanctuary one and I don't think I could not use a face oil. Thanx for the post and info, sounds different to a normal one=)

  4. Ooh I should give that a try! I've just checked it out, you get more in the Sanctuary for less so I'll give that a go thanks! :) x

  5. Angela Peters611 June 2012 at 04:10

    Thanks or the awesome info!! 

    Happy to be your newest follower from the bbloggers group :) 

    xo, Jersey Girl

  6. thanks for sharing - must check it out


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