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She Said Beauty Box June 2012

She Said Beauty Box June 2012

I know, I know, another beauty box. Well, I haven't actually been signed up to one for quite some months after seeing the disappointed month after month. Then I heard about a brand new box on the scene and wanted to give it a try. I love hearing about brands I've never heard of prior to receiving the beauty boxes and of course high end brands which we all know and love. Both suit me happily and I love trying out new things so what can go wrong?

Personally I think some of the beauty boxes have "abused" the blogging system where the boxes get hyped up by ambassadors and several other subscribers, everybody signs up and then gets disappointed. It seems to be a recurring theme but what I loved about She Said Beauty is that it's not been plastered in my face month by month the same products whirling round so I've vowed to give it a few months to see how I feel and I'm impressed with my first box anyway! 

First up we have the Elemis Spa home Tranquil Touch bath elixir. Wow, it sounds relaxing already! Elemis is a luxury brand to me and it isn't something I'd buy on a regular basis. I love any type of bath products and this hasn't failed in the slightest! The scent is relaxing in itself and smells pretty nice. I'd say musky but then again, I'm awful at describing scents, let's just say it's nice and relaxing! It's quite a decent size sample but then I use tons of bath products so it won't last me long! I'd love to re-purchase this sometime!

The full 300ml size product is £19 - Wow! You can buy here at Timetospa.co.uk.

mischa barton lemon zest body butter

I was most intrigued out of all the products by this Mischa Barton Whipped Shea Body Butter in Lemon Zest. I'm not the biggest lemon scent fan but this is quite subtle. The bit that drew me in the most was the packaging. It's really thought through and I'm the perfect consumer for this product. I have dry skin, I love body butter and I'm easily drawn in with cute packaging. Ever since watching Mischa Barton on Fearne Cotton's show where she followed her around I thought oh wow she's a bit of an idiot but celebrity aside, it's a good product. I've been using this alongside fake tanning as my current tan smells horrible! It's a good size sample so it will last me a while, but again, I'll look into re-purchasing!

Looking on Mischa's website, it seems this is a full size product. Ounces confuse me but in grams the 65g or 2oz is £10. 113g or 4oz is £16 which is pretty good I think! The link to Mischa's website is hereThere are tons of other beauty products which I never knew she did on her site here also.

Perfect legs spray? Sure, so it tightens up all the wobbly bits and makes them tanned in a bottle does it? Well, not quite. But it does the second part which is good enough. I'm currently using a spray by Tanatomicals (which is being reviewed soon!) and it's really good so I'll see how this one matches up! Otherwise, St Tropez is a good tanning brand and I've used their lotion before. You can buy this on the St Tropez site here for £10.

This was the highlight of the products I've actually tried and tested so far! If I'm honest I wasn't expecting much but it exceeded my expectations and more. I've not really avoided the BB hype but I'm trying my best to as the ones I have tried were awful and I kept thinking what's the fuss, until I tried this. I'm not one for full coverage as my skin isn't that bad but it's not brilliantly flawless either. The sample wasn't much to try it out but I still decided I liked it from the sample so it's not a bad thing. 

Ginvera is not a brand I've heard of previously as it originates from Singapore. I love the fact it says all skin types, but can it really suit all? At the moment with the weird weather England is having, my skin is dry around my mouth/nose areas but the rest is normal so make up tends to cling to these parts. I used this without a primer just to test it out for the day at work and I must say, it's lasting power was ok although it felt quite sticky when applying the first time. Maybe I applied too much as the second half of the sample packet was fine, but I suppose I was running out of product! Overall the finish was really nice although my Kleenex shine absorbing sheets had to be used by 1pm.

You can buy the BB cream online from Janiro.co.uk for £20.00. I'm doing a swap soon with another blogger from Hong Kong so I'm hoping she can source this cheaper than me ;-)

Fake lashes aren't something I use often and when I do I only tend to use natural looking lashes. I'm sure I'll use these at some point but fake lashes aren't something I want in my beauty box. That's the only negative to this box! Overall I'm impressed and already looking forward to my next box!

What do you think? Have you signed up to She Said Beauty? Have a look here on their site!

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  1. Celene Parsons19 June 2012 at 19:41

    i havent tried any beauty boxes, theres so many now! its a pity the st.tropez thing doesnt fix any wobbly jobbly bits, but you cant expect that from any product! xo


  2. Yeah there's tons! Haha true, one product can't fix all problems unfortunately :( Keep wishing! I'd recommend She Said Beauty but they all change monthly so I'll see how consistent they are first before I make my mind up! x

  3. Im subscribed to SSB too and Ive really liked every box theyve sent me so far. The BB cream was my favourite in this box too, I found it worked really well on me and gave a sort of airbrushed look which was good. I got the other version of the box though so I got the gradual tan and a hand cream. I like that theyve started doing a variety. xx

  4. Gosh, that beauty box is amazing! Unfortunately they all seem amazing at first, then suddenly start to decline - I hope this one continues to be as fabulous.

    Beautiful blog-I'm following!



  5. My first faux tanning experience was with St Tropez and it was fantastic. No dramas from me apart from not being able to reach all of my back! Enjoy it. x


  6. Haha yes me too! I've seen a few YouTube videos of how to reach your back properly, shame I can't follow them! x


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