Wednesday, 27 June 2012


I haven't done a NOTD in quite a while so I wanted to show you my nails today, nothing too fancy but still a bit of POP to my work outfit.

On all my nails I firstly used the Collection (2000) Lasting Colour in shade 22 Kiss n Tell followed by Topshop's gorgeous glittery polish in Adrenalin. I actually really like the Collection 2000 nail polish. No matter how expensive the polish it always chips on me, sigh..but this brush is perfect size for me and one dip of the polish does all of one hand (one coat). I found it in Poundland a while ago, link here.

I have used it in a few other NOTD's too like this one here.

What do you think, simple and quick? I'm a sucker for pink nails and it's the colour I wear most (can you tell by my blog colours?!)

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  1. Jasmine Huston27 June 2012 at 17:46

    Love it! The Collection (2000) Colour is amazing! :)

  2. Pretty! I really want to try some of the Topshop polishes but my local one is tiny and doesn't sell them!

    Chelle x

  3. Claire Fitzmaurice27 June 2012 at 21:47

    I love Collection 2000 polishes, sooo cheap and great for the price! :) the Topshop polish is gorgeous too, I love glitter :) xx

  4. Ah that's a shame, mine doesn't either I have to travel a bit but you could always purchase online? they're really good quality! x

  5. The Topshop polish is so pretty! I love glitter <3 x

  6. Me too! :) They are pretty good for the price but I am into Topshop polishes at the moment there's so much choice! xx

  7. Me too hehe, must be a girly girl thing! It's gorgeous, there's a few different ones I have my eyes on! x


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