Monday, 4 June 2012

Korres Lip Butter - Pomegranete

A few days ago I went to visit my boyfriend in Oxford and went perusing the shops, as you do..I noticed a Korres part in a Waitrose aisle and immediately was drawn into it. I've lusted after the lip butters for quite some time but just never purchased it due to my incredible pile of previous lip balms. It isn't cheap at £6 but after my beloved Burts Bees original is running out, I thought why not?!

I went for the Pomegranate lip butter in the end as it has a tint of colour and smells pretty delicious. You do get quite a lot for the money though, 6g for £6. The only thing I don't like is that it's in a tub and you have to dip your finger in, very unhygienic.

I love the packaging, mainly due to it being pink and it's very moisturising on the lips. I would use the over-used phrase "It's like my lips, but better."

It has a combination of Shea butter and Rice wax which offers deep hydration and softness. It is:

- Dermatologically Tested
- Mineral Oil Free
- Silicone Free
- Propylene Glycol Free
- Ethanolamine Free

You can buy it from Feelunique for £6.00 or if you're near a Lloyds pharmacy, you can buy them there too!

Have you tried any of the Korres lip butters? What do you think?

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  1. I really want to try one of these! I've heard such good things and my lips are so dry at the minute.

    Lovely blog x

  2. I haven't tried these yet! I'm a sucker for lip butters and balms so a little browse at feel unique is on the cards! 

    Found you on the Friday Blog Hop and would be a new follower if blogger was working properly! 

  3. Haha yes definitely have a look! They're not cheap, but certainly not the most expensive. Well worth it though in my opinion :)

    Ah great thank you, silly blogger! Never works when it should! x


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