Saturday, 19 May 2012

Topshop Nail Polish Adrenalin

Topshop Adrenalin RRP £6.00
I felt this nail polish seriously needed its' own post, that is how amazing it is. Firstly it's glittery, and it's pink, and it was only £6..what more could you ask for?! I spotted it whilst on a non-spending trip to Topshop, yep see how that turned out?

It needs a good few coats but I found it worked best over a light pink base coat, followed by a few more coats of this on top. Lasting power isn't great, but it's just so pretty! It chipped pretty easily too but then again, all my nail polishes do, maybe I'm doing something wrong?! I love it and it made me want to try more Topshop nail polishes.

Is it easy to get off? Yes with the new Bourjois Magic Nail Polish remover, not with ordinary cotton wool and remover.

Would I re-purchase? Definitely, it's pretty amazing and I'm all for glitter - can you tell?!

I bought an eye stick too, I can't find it online though but it wasn't what I expected. It was a white/glitter thick eyeliner but it turned out to be just glittery, not like the Benefit Eye Bright at all. :( I also got the new cream blush in Prime Time, this is pretty too but I'm falling in and out of love with cream blushes that much, that I need more time to decide if I prefer powder or cream blusher.

You can buy Topshop Adrenalin nail polish in store or online here for £6.00. Have you tried it?

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  1. Oh my gosh it's so pretty... want want want xxx


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