Monday, 14 May 2012

Tangle Teezer

Sorry about the scuffs, it's been unfortunately battered around in my bag!

This is the most revolutionary product I've bought in a long time! I actually bought it on the plane back from my holiday for £10 but I've since seen you can buy it here. I was one of those people before that just used any old brush lying around, my hair doesn't tend to get too knotty but after washing and drying is when it's in worst form. After my first use, I was hooked and converted. It is amazing! 

I got the pink styler with a pink top and pink teeth. It's handy to just throw straight into your bag, especially for me as when I brush my hair, tons fall out so my brushes tend to get covered in hair! This doesn't seem to make much fall out which is always a bonus, but it means I don't have to spend ages removing the hair from the brush. The designs are quite funky (did I really just use that word..?) and I've even seen a Union Jack version, perfect for the Jubilee.

I wondered, how has this possibly made such a difference to my life and who made this amazing invention. So I looked into it further. The inventor goes by the name of Shaun P. This is what he had to say:

"It was while heading up colour divisions in salons that he had his light bulb moment. An idea that was to make him one of the hairdressing industry’s most dynamic and innovative entrepreneurs.
Observing assistants at chic salons around the world hacking through freshly and fragile coloured hair with a comb, he realised there was a calling for a new detangling hair tool that didn’t fight or lock in tangles.

The answer was in specifically spaced and designed teeth. Teeth that flexed over tangles without pulling or snagging. Four years in the making, the new generation of hairbrush was born.
It was called Tangle Teezer."

What do you think of the Tangle Teezer? If you can't already tell, I absolutely love it and want more stylers already!

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