Wednesday, 23 May 2012

Katy Perry Purr - BuyaPowa Experience

I've been stalking BuyaPowa for absolutely ages and finally took the plunge to make my first purchase. I'd remembered Jessica had mentioned on her YouTube favourite perfumes that she loved this perfume. Normally, I would never go off recommendations about a perfume from another person as everybody is different and prefers different scents. On this occasion, every other other perfume in her video I owned and loved, so I took a very deep plunge and waited for its arrival.

About a week later, I finally got a dispatch email (after chasing it a few times) and then I got a text from my Mum to say it had arrived. Hoorah! It felt like Christmas as I had no idea what it smelt like. Oh, my, days, it's pretty amazing! I've been wearing it both day and night time, although other reviews I've seen said it was mainly night time, but hey when did I follow the rules for perfume?!

As an avid lover of cats, I thought the bottle was so cute! You remove its' head and spritz away. I received a 30ml bottle which probably won't last me long at this rate! I don't know all these note scents etc so I'll list them here if this makes sense to you:

Top notes: Peach nectar, forbidden apple, green bamboo, gardenia
Heart notes: Jasmine blossom, pink freesia, Bulgarian rose
Base notes: Vanilla orchid, white amber, creamy sandalwood, musk

Overall, my experience with BuyaPowa was good, but I'm still sceptical as to where they get their products from, I guess that's business though! As for my views, prior to this I wasn't the biggest fan of "Celebrity perfumes".

Have you bought anything from BuyaPowa before? What do you think about the Katy Perry perfume?

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  1. JessicaBeautician23 May 2012 at 15:23

    So glad you like it, told you you would! ;-) I haven't had too bad experience with BuyaPowa just yet, although I've only bought a handful of things but I've heard a few people have had problems with certain things! xx


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