Saturday, 5 May 2012

Gillette Satin Care

A bit of a random post today, about shaving products. It's something most of us girls have to do quite a lot and as I find it a bit of a chore, I've never "invested" in much shaving products when I probably should. Gilette for me, is a good brand which overall, does the job. I found this a few weeks ago and must say, I've never noticed it before up until now but I'm converted!

I have pretty sensitive skin so this version was perfect for me, plus Aloe Vera after shaving helps any irritation. I spotted this on my usual bargain hunting in Poundland and then found the bigger verson in Tesco £2.50 for 200ml, you can buy online here.

The gel foams really easily and you only need the tiniest amount (as I found out the first time when it lathered up soo much!). I used to use the Imperial Leather Foamburst before this, but this is made for shaving and my skin feels so much smoother after using this compared to the Foamburst. I personally love the smell too, although can't quite figure out what it is!

I will be making several re-purchases and hopefully Poundland will keep stocking it so I can save some pennies!

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