Thursday, 31 May 2012

Dry Shampoos

Batiste Lace*

Batiste Lace

I am one of those ultra lazy people that use dry shampoo, you either love it or you hate it. I've got blonde hair so it's very rare I have the grey/silver streaks once I spray the dry shampoo on my roots so I don't have that main problem so I find I can pick up any and go. The only thing that makes me (not) want to re-purchase is the scent.

I’ve got so many Batiste dry shampoos it’s a bit of a collector’s item for me at the moment, but in my eyes you can never have too many, plus I also lose them too just as easily!

The last few weeks I've been trying out Batiste Lace* from their new collection. Unfortunately it just didn't blow me away as much as I expected from it. The bottle is quite cute and I love lace anything but the smell wasn't overly pleasant. I had to spray perfume over the top, which was a shame as I love the other Batiste scents. They have such a wide range that there is one that has to suit everyone, but my personal favourite is still the Blonde version.

Scandalous Fabulously Flirty Dry Shampoo

Scandalous Fabulously Flirty Dry Shampoo

I picked up this Scandalous dry shampoo in a cheapy shop, Savers I think whilst it was hot and sunny and of course, I needed a place to cool down (the shopping centre!). It was only £1 and I thought I may as well try it for the price. The scent isn't the best I personally don't think, but it doesn't make my hair feel as talcy as the Batiste ones can do sometimes. I'd describe it as quite a "masculine scent" but nothing wrong with that! You can't go wrong with £1! I've looked online though and can only find it on the Superdrug website here for £4.99 so if you have a Savers near you, have a look!

Batiste Brit

Batiste Brit

As we all know, it's coming up to the Queens Jubilee weekend, hoorah! What more do we celebrate a 4 day weekend than with British products galore. I loved this Brit version of Batiste. It makes me feel so patriotic seeing our flags everywhere. It's £1.45 on the Superdrug website at the moment here, I think they have a few special offers, bargain!

So that's a few of my current dry shampoos, which are your favourite?

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  1. I used to absolutely love dry shampoo, (or at least the Batiste dry shampoo), but recently I've been put off as a friend mentioned she could always smell it on people - and now she's said that, I've started noticing the smell too! So I've been finding the scents of batiste a little offputting although I think the quality is great :/

    Really interested to try the lace one though!!

    P.S. Love your blog - just followed you!


  2. I think Batiste smells the most like "dry shampoo", now I'll start smelling it too haha. Aww thank you, means a lot :) I'll check yours out too! x


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